Promotional Dice Cups are a very visible and fun product. The dice cups are a great marketing method to increase the brand visibility and image of any company. A lot of bars around the world offer free games for their customers and Asia is no different -people love to play drinking or gambling games with dice. Promotional Dice Cups are used in particular to play “Liar Dice” games. The cup is used by each player to protect his dice results from his opponents. Yesterday we spotted & tested this Johnnie Walker dice cup in a bar in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

As you can see in the picture the brand logo and name are made very visible. It makes sense for this product to be associated with alcohol brands because the cup is used in drinking and gambling games. This item can be given away as a GWP campaign when sold with your company’s product or just distributed to bars..

Johnnie Walker might use the dice cup as a GWP with the purchase of one or several bottles of their whiskey labels. The cups should be given away in sets (say of four to six cups), each with 5 pcs if dice.  Further customise this promo by changing the “1” number to a logo.

All over the world people have been playing “Liar Dice” games, whether for drinking or gambling, these types of games origins come from South America. These games were first played by pirates back hundreds of years ago. In Chile, Bolivia and Peru the game is called “Dudo”, which means “to doubt”. In America the game is referred to as “Diception” or “Deception Dice”.The rules vary from country to country but versions of dice games are found across the globe. “Liars dice” games are very entertaining and easy to learn.

Do not miss out on this product for your next promotional campaign. Use this basic cup to increase your brand’s visibility and help your customers drink or gamble away!

Contact us for any help designing or sourcing this product. We can completely customize to your brand’s requirements.   More ideas below….