Board games are very effective socializing tool for events.  ODM categorises our games into 3 different categories depending on the level of protection and design:

Intellectual property / Licensing Required – Many popular board games such as Monopoly or Scrabble are protected under Intellectual Property (IP) rights.  In order to publish a board game under these names and with this type of game play it is important to gain permission from the licensor/brand to avoid infringement of rights.

Free of protection – Old Board games are free from protection since they are old and no company can claim ownership of this game.  These are normally classic games.  Chess, Othello, Checkers are great examples of free-to-use board games.  One can customize these board games freely without seeking any permission.

DIY – ODM board game by clients or our design team– These board games are novelty games, created by our designers, new inventors and clients. Creators of the game are granted the publishing rights.. ODM manufactures the SA Board game, NYC board game and is also developing specialist games for the Olympics in the UK.

Here is a list of different board games which ODM can manufacture or license for clients:

2 Players

International Chess

Traditionally most chess boards are in wood and and the pcs are carved in the shape of  ancient warriors.   These are placed on a wooden board – simulating a war setting where 2 armies are facing each other.  The chess pieces are frequently made of polyresin, thus, it’s sturdy and durable.   Many cartoon brands like Simpsons are used for licensed versions of this classic game.

There are various ways whereby imprints can be placed, on each of the chess pieces, the wooden board, etc…

ODM also offers classical styled International Chess boards. Chess sets in different materials are available such as plastic, wood, glass.  Here a set is packaged in Tin box.


A really easy game to play, checkers is suitable for anyone. Similar to International Chess, there are many alternatives for imprint of your logo, slogans, designs, etc…  Due to the fact that game play is simple and the different pcs on the board are exact same except for 2 colours, this makes for a cheap game with mass appeal.

Chinese Chess

A game that has reached international level, it is widely popular in the East. This beautifully crafted Chinese Chess Set has high perceived value, as pieces have various compartments to be stored. Furthermore, the landscape of the chess board is carefully designed by the artist.

Game of Go

An oriental game originated from the Chinese and Japanese culture.  Go has reached far into the West.  Players to pit their skills to capture their opponent’s territories and occupy them. Although Go is a simple game, it can be very in-depth game when elite players duel. It is more commonly known as “Wei Qi” in Mandarin.

2 – 6 Players


Scrabble is a widely popular family game – great as a promotional tool in the name of education and fun.  Game play is pretty simple and it is great for families to use with children as part of learning process.

Snakes & Ladders

A classic children game, whereby players take turns to role the dice to advance.  It is a relatively simple game of luck.  Nevertheless, Snakes & Ladders is a whole lot of fun as a group. To serve as a promotional tool, one can easily reconstruct and design the board for different imprints.

The Game of LIFE

Walk through LIFE again, and experience yourself going through college, marriage and retirement, etc. This game has the capacity for 2 – 6 people to participate in the game, however, variations of the game can accomodate up to 8 – 10 persons. The game interestingly ends where players becomes either a “poor farmer” or “millionaire tycoon”.


One of the most popular board games in the world, Monopoly has even reached various platforms such as PCs, Handheld gadgets, etc. There are many game tokens in Monopoly which can be customized to publicize the brand name:

  1. Occupy tokens (Normally in the forms of houses)
  2. Move token
  3. Dice
  4. Board
  5. In-Game  Money

    Hana Deka Board Game

    A game created by ODM, capable to entertain up to 6 players. Similar to Snack & Ladder, players have to go through obstacles, described on the board, to reach the finish.  There are a myraid number of ways whereby you can edit and customize the designs of the game.

    ODM have made many board games in various designs for our clients such as the South African Board Game. With our team of designers and factories, we are able to create board games according to your OEM design.