Its not too late to do a special promotional campaign to tie in with the Soccer World Cup.  We are still getting new orders and with about 60 days till the start now is the deadline to decide on marketing campaigns.

Whilst factories for soccer balls are running at full capacity, a lot of soccer themed products like our world cup board game can still be made on time..   As a general guide, timeline for rushed orders out of China below.

  • 1-3 days for design
  • 2-10 days for samples
  • 10-30 days rushed production on small orders of standard products
  • 15-35 days sea shipment – depending on location *
  • Total = 30 – 70 days for delivery.

* For orders after this week clients will need to consider air freight.

For new moulds and prototypes clients need to consider planning around another event or theme since it is now too late to do make new moulds and mass production before World cup.    However, our Mindsparkz brainstorming teamcould help to choose a good and existing promo product to tie in with World Cup theme.