ODM has received a great number of enquiries from our clients over the past few weeks on soccer balls and related soccer promotional products.   Factories are now running at maximum capacity on soccer balls and new orders are going to be either very expensive or with very long delivery time.   We are seeing price increases of over 50% from some factories on rush orders with other factories in China already refusing new orders.

Since items such as soccer balls are made in specialist factories this rush on orders has created great difficulty in maintaining supplies to cater the overwhelming demand.   ODM started to blog about the world cup last year and would now like to recommend clients to choose alternative world cup products to maximise their promotional campaigns and get better value on purchases such as these…

Held only once in every 4 years; soccer fanatics are willing to pay astronomical sum of money to grab soccer and related products off the shelves.   The FIFA soccer world cup is among the most highly recognized tournaments throughout the globe.

For any rush orders of soccer and football promos ODM will work hard to negotiate good prices and fast delivery.