Citibank HK used postal circular to inform patrons of its new extended opening hours and services. This Promotional mechanism to increase publicity and raise awareness is focussed on gifts to customers who visit branches during the new opening hours when most other banks are closed.

Promotional tiger plush mascots are given away to attract clients during the late evening of between 5 to 7pm from Monday to Friday – the extended operation hours. (See other year of tiger plush & other Tiger gifts)

A pair of jumbo sized tiger plushes or cash coupons are given away when patrons successfully apply or purchase any new products.

Citibank is also using promotional mechanisms such as lucky draw to draw to gain more attention. A guaranteed-prize lucky draw chance is given to patrons who successfully apply or purchase any new products from the bank. Prizes include rewards from various retail outlets with its grand prize of a Samsung 55” LED television.

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