ODM spotted an interesting and original promo at China Construction Bank in the streets of Hong Kong today.

Usually banks remain quite conservative in their choice of promotional products they provide for newly acquired customers or when opening a bank account. Most of the time, HK banks offer high end pens, USB drives, Golden figurines, Consumer electronics by famous brands and such standard promotional products.  However CCB is looking to stand out from the rest and does well here…

CCB, located next door to our building offices, choose to offer a well-designed heating blanket for bed to back up their promotional campaign. If you apply for a credit card in this bank, you will have the choice between this item as gift with purchase (whose actual value is about US$130) or 10% cash rebate on the banking fees. A very smart promotional campaign providing customers with a choice between two gift, thus increasing their perceived-value.

So now you can rest assured that your money is kept safe while you stay warm in your comfortable bed.  A good marketing message in our minds….

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