Here is a bank that enjoys thinking in innovative ways about how to provide incentive to its new customers. The China Construction Bank is currently offering a tiered promotion to its new customers offering exquisite Mahjong sets or cash rebates

  • Open a wise banking account and deposit HKD200,000 for 3 months and you will receive either a gold crystal Mahjong Set or cash rebate.

    Crystal Mahjong

  • Open a premier banking account by placing a deposit of HKD1,000,000 for 3 months and receive either an Ebony Shell Mahjong Premium set or cash rebate.

    Ebony Shell Mahjong

  • In order to welcome the year of the rabbit, the CCB also offered either the Ebony Shell Mahjong Premium worth over HKD2000 or cash rebate for any new customers opening designated consolidated banking account until early March.

Two things we really like about those commercial promotions:

  1. The high quality of the gift offered, thus increasing the perceived value of the bank’s brand and its perception in the eyes of consumers
  2. The fact that new clients have the choice between 2 commercial propositions: gift with purchase or cash rebates regardless of their resources.

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