ODM offer a wide range of customized & eco-friendly promotional products.  This blog gives you a selection of product ideas that can be used on your next promotion.

Green products & Green production methods – mean using recycled plastic, paper, corn & vegetable derivatives, bio-plastic, Organic materials like wood/bamboo.  Biodegradable materials also play a part in lessening our impact on the environment.

If you are looking for something interesting that will make your company stand out from your competitors then consider these ideas…

Customised Notebook manufacture

Recycled Paper Notebooks : make a great eco friendly promotional product and marketing tool. This stylish book is available in various cover designs, and features a 100 pages of recycled paper block notes.

Customise the cover and inside pages to include your company logo. This way, you get free advertising for your company.

It will be an effective promotional idea to give out green items as they may also increase your customers perceived value towards your brand image.

Bamboo USB drive factory

USB Drives made from Bamboo: This is fastest and the easiest growing plant in the world. Bamboo is renewable and extremely good for the environment, hence taking advantage of it only takes us a step closer to a greener world.

We are now offering a USB Memory Drive with a 100% real Bamboo shell.  If you are looking for other options, we also  offer wood drives, plastic biodegradable & lead free drives.

Eco friendly flash drives are better for the environment because of the materials used, such as lead-free solders.  They can more easily decompose than their traditional counterparts and are less harmful to the environment.

Recycled Bags: We produce the high quality canvas bags and Organic cotton bags, which contain the degradable materials. The degradable bags can decompose naturally through a period of time, so it can reduce the environmental pollution.

Reusable bags eliminate the use of disposable plastic bags and ODM have a wide range to choose from.   This is an extremely popular product range in the Promo Product industry.

Biodegradable Pens are one of the most time-honored ways to leave a lasting impression on customers and prospects.

They are manufactured from recycled materials including some made from paper, plastic, wood, recycled currency, rubber tires, paper, newspaper or recycled denim — making these personalized pens eco-friendly for you and your company.

We offer stick pens and retractable recycled pens which can all be imprinted to help you make your point about Corporate Social Responsibility.

Printing on pens can be in eco friendly ink.  Consider offering robust refillable pens also for your promos.

Hypoallergenic key rings: Select from our complete range of promotional key rings and keychains that will not harm the environment!  Imprint these with your company logo in your choice of styles, you can find great biodegradable keychains that will advertise your company and its dedication to taking care of the world’s resources.

Try our Lost Key System too…

Recycled Mugs:  can be made from plastic materials.  Choose from a wide variety of styles with ergonomically designed bodies & handles.

Sip your favourite beverage with imprint of your company logo.  Soy & other Vegetable based inks can be used.

Packaging for these mugs could be made from recycled materials including currency, denim, newspaper, or yellow pages…plastic or stainless steel.

Organic Slippers are made of natural organic vegan fibers. They have natural, biodegradable uppers made mostly of hemp (which is naturally resistant to bacteria)

These are cost effective and very durable, which explains why they are so sought after in the market these days.

They come in various attractive colors too!

Clear corn plastic cups: are 100% compostable and make a great addition to our Beer Promo range.  With the same look and feel as clear as plastic cups, these cups will completely compost under commercial composting conditions in just 45-60 days.

Biodegradable corn cups are a great choice for cold beverages. They can be imprinted with your logo and will show your company is socially responsible and helpful to the environment.

Eco-friendly items convey a high perceived-value and will improve your company image without costing the earth.   We provide our marketing clients with a continually growing & extensive selection of environmentally and socially responsible product options at great prices.

If you are ordering bulky or heavy products please do order early and avoid having to send by air freight.   This is for every product you order, but especially so for clients who are looking to make a real difference by going Eco Friendly on their Production.