Green Promotional Merchandise are gaining popularity nowadays. More and more people are becoming aware of the negative impact of plastic in our environment. Aside from offering eco-friendly shopping bags, banning the use of straw and disposable cups and plastic spoon/fork could also be a simple way to minimize plastic pollution. Here, at The ODM Group, we love to explore and develop eco-friendly custom promotional merchandise for business.

One good product development idea is this custom cornstarch spoon. It is cornstarch-based so it is fully recyclable and safe to use. As compared to plastic-based products, they use less energy to produce, which means manufacturers can fully maximize their production cost by cutting down their energy consumption.

Green Promotional Merchandise

Green Promotional Merchandise

These cornstarch-based spoons are also durable and flexible. You can customize them to different sizes, quirky shapes, and colors. Aside from spoons, you can also manufacture essential eating implements such as fork and knives.

Green Promotional Merchandise

Green Promotional Merchandise

Aside from these obvious reasons, the use of green promotional merchandise such as these cornstarch spoons could help your brand in numerous ways. Here’s how:


Green Promotional Merchandise- What Are the Benefits of Custom Cornstarch Spoons?

Positive Brand Image – One of the goals of using branded promotional products is to boost your brand image. What better way to do this than offering eco-friendly items? Doing so will position your company as a brand that cares for the environment. This will definitely attract customers that share the same visions as you.

Green Promotional Merchandise

Green Promotional Merchandise

Encourage Customers to Support Your Cause – Cornstarch spoons could be an excellent way to promote your cause. For instance, if you are advertising an event that promotes healthy eating habits, then you might want to consider putting your organization’s name or website on the handles. It could also inspire more people to consider using plant-based products over plastic products.

Brand Loyalty – Customers will definitely appreciate the fact that you are pushing the use of eco-friendly products. Instead of plastic cutleries, why not offer these biodegradable spoons when customers order to-go foods? Because they don’t contain harmful chemicals that are usually found in plastic, customers will feel safer when eating. This could start a positive word-of-mouth about your products and business in general. Thus, people will trust you more than your competitors.

Improve Brand Reputation –  If people learn that you are using cornstarch-based products to promote your brand, they will instantly trust your company. Customers will see you as a company that cares about the environment and their customers. This could significantly improve your reputation and inspire other companies to do the same.


To augment your brand campaign, you can also offer other green promotional merchandise. Here are other eco-friendly promotional products you may want to consider using alongside these cornstarch spoons.


Other Amazing Green Products for Your Campaign

Why not ditch your plastic packaging and opt for something more environment-friendly such as this cornstarch-based packaging? It’s a safe alternative to plastic as it is made out of sustainable and biodegradable materials.


Here’s a list of excellent cornstarch products you might want to incorporate in your promotions:


Approximately more than 8 billion of straws pollute our oceans. This could have a negative effect on marine life as well as human life. One way businesses could help reduce the volume of plastic straws that go into our ocean is by offering custom paper straws. These straws are biodegradable and made from sustainable materials.


We often see to-go food and drinks being packed in plastic and styrofoam. These non-biodegradable packaging would eventually end up in landfills and worse into our oceans. One good way to reduce our plastic pollution is by using greener alternatives such as this compostable paper packaging:


So, are you ready to jump on the green marketing bandwagon and improve your reputation, pull in more customers, and increase sales? Then why not consider these green promotional merchandise for your next brand campaign. We can help you customize your cornstarch spoons and cutleries to make them suitable for your business.

If you are interested in these high-wualit cornstarch-based spoons, send The ODM Group an inquiry. Don’t forget to quote product code 2589.


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