What is Rice Husk in Rice Husk Packaging?

It is the outer hull of rice grain and a by-product of rice milling. It is a major agricultural waste of rice production.

Due to their tough structure and huge bulk, rice husk has limited applications. Their treatment includes underground burial or open field burning. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to both the economy and environment when rice husk is effectively converted into valuable products.


Manufacturing Rice Husk Products

When it comes to manufacturing these products in China, most factories mix 50% rice husk with 50% polypropylene.

According to studies,  it was shown that the rice husk and polypropylene blends are biodegradable at a considerable rate. The hybrid-composites with a high content of rice husk have a higher degradation rate.

Products Made of Rice Husk

Get your morning caffeine fix with these

Rice Husk Coffee Cup

Rice Husk Coffee Cup

Enjoy your favorite meal on-the-go with these

Rice Husk Lunch Box

Rice Husk Lunch Box

Or simply keep yourself hydrated and get your logo on these Promo Gifts.

Rice Husk Bottle

Rice Husk Bottle

Benefits of Rice Husk Packaging:

  • Waste Revival: Rice husks are revived into an entirely new product.
  • Pollution Reduction: Instead of burning the rice husks which produces harmful substances, reviving husks into new products reduces this problem.
  • Reusable Product: Rice husk products can be durable and reusable for years. In comparison, plastic packaging will be thrown away after one use.
  • Moldable: Moulds can be created to produce different shapes and kinds of products such as cosmetic packaging, mason jars, and toys.
  • Decomposes at a faster rate than 100% petroleum-based products

What this means for your business when you use rice-husk packaging?

Just like corn starch packaging, the benefits of rice-husk packaging extend to the company as well.

  • Positive Brand Image: Recognized as a socially responsible company.
  • Appealing: This especially appeals to increasingly environmentally-conscious customers.
  • Stimulate Visibility: Let the eco-friendly packaging be the differentiating factor between your product and that of competitors’.
  • Stay Current: Adapt to the latest packaging trends – sustainable packaging

To summarize, eco-friendly packaging is the way to go for any business! Not only does rice husk packaging helps to reduce the worsening of plastic consumption, but it is also a great promotional tool to garner customer support. Customers are more supportive of businesses that value-adds to the environment instead of adding more harm to it.

I am sure you would not want me to bore you with the extensive statistics on plastic waste annually. We all know – plastics consumption is skyrocketing. We also know that this is extremely bad for the Earth.

So, with that in mind, why don’t we start doing our part for the planet we live in? Contact us now to find the green solutions you need for business today! We have a list of reliable China suppliers (certified ISO, SGS, FDA, etc.) because we know the importance of China factory selection.

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