Maclean’s custom designed packaging is one of the best custom  retail packaging designs we have seen so far. This one is made from tin and is nicely branded with their logo and flag of Great Britain.

Iconic Custom Designed Packaging - An Excellent Example by Maclean's

Iconic Custom Designed Packaging – An Excellent Example by Maclean’s

With so many products on the shelf, making a good first impression can be very challenging. One way to differentiate your brand from the rest is through your packaging. And Maclean’s did it very well as their food packaging solution combines great design and functionality.


Why We Like Maclean’s Custom Designed Packaging?

  • Relevant Design: Using the British flag design is perfect since their brand is selling biscuits and cookies famous in their region. We can see iconic landmarks and cultural references on their tin box: the royal guard, red telephone box, and the famous tram.
  • Durability: The tin box lends durability to the packaging. It keeps the products fresh and in good condition. Moreover, customers can reuse and repurpose the box long after they have finished their biscuits. This means longer lasting brand visibility. If you like to have a durable and stylish tin can packaging, check out our previous blog:


  • Driving Impulse Purchase: Most shoppers make their buying decisions after seeing the packaging. Professionally-designed packaging makes your brand look reliable and high quality.
  • Informative: Printed on the side of the tin box is the “nutritional facts label” which is important in influencing buyer’s decisions. This can help customers make healthy food choices.
Iconic Custom Designed Packaging - An Excellent Example by Maclean's

Iconic Custom Designed Packaging – An Excellent Example by Maclean’s


Maclean’s product packaging stood out out on the shelf. The glossy finish and the eye-catching design add a touch of class to the product. This is, indeed, a fantastic way of enhancing brand image and visibility within the busy shelves of retail stores,


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