Successful Packaging: Tin Box for Liquor

Jagermeister Tin Box and frozen glasses

Jagermeister Tin Box and frozen glasses

Tin Boxes have been around for a while now and remain widely popular, providing trendy yet simple packaging, for a large variety of products. Drinks companies, especially Spirits brands, are using this packaging widely.

Tin Boxes exist in various shapes and forms and we can customise them easily for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors through innovative designs.

Whilst ODM also manufacture Aluminium and Stainless steel packaging, tin boxes are a cheaper alternative for giveaways or packaging that may not be used over and over.   Aluminium packaging is used to a large extent in the cosmetics market and instead of the coloured printing as on tin, we often use annodising to protect and give higher end feel to the product.

Chivas & Jagermeister pictures on this blog provide examples of this trend – the Tin Boxes contouring well to the bottles. This promotes the prestige of the brand with logo of brand well in evidence on this box even after the drink and bottle have gone..

Promo Tin Box Packaging

Promo Tin Box Packaging

Are you ready for Tin Box Packaging?

These high end boxes are usually made of metals, synonymous with durability, strength and character, further reinforcing the image of the brand.  Champagne brands are however increasingly using Strong Cardboard and even Neoprene.

Classy and refined artwork is on the mould and printed onto the box, to obtain that ideal packaging look not solely for alcohol but for a large variety of products.

ODM remain at your disposal in order to assist you in manufacturing the perfect Tin Box for all your promotional needs.

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