The HK Licensing Show proved to be a goldmine in terms of new promotional product opportunities. The large variety of goods displayed throughout the fair, combined with the right amount of creativity, can lead to innovative promotional product offers.

A simple but smart example of this: ODM visited a number of Asian Die Cast Car manufacturers during the fair. Although most of them had similar product offering, some did manage to stand out from the crowd.  For example, the following retro army die cast car items.




Although benign as showcased now, those items can easily be customized to your needs in order to illustrate forceful, tactful messages. Picture for example the missile or rocket artillery die cast car with your firm’s logo.   What more fun way to celebrate a successful year or to illustrate the launch of a new brand/product taking off.

Hijacking products serving one purpose, using them for something completely different can greatly reinforce the message you want to convey while lowering the cost for its promotion.

ODM teams remain at your disposal to help you design and manufacture the next promotional Die cast toys. Don’t miss our article on retro tin signs!