Caltex Hong Kong has once again used promotional products to reward their customers. Licensing the Doraemon classic Japanese manga anime, they have developed a series of cute promos for in car display/usage.  Plush Promo Gifts certainly attract young and old alike with their retro cuteness.

Below we are showing a picture of the Banner Advertising which is promoting this range of promo gifts to drivers.   Its prominent positioning outside the station will certainly entice customers to have a second think about whether it is the right time to fuel.  The bright blue and yellow colours certainly contrast nicely with the darkness and brighten the mood.

Offering different items to provide comfort on the drive

Knowing it can be uncomfortable to be on the road for prolonged periods, especially for babies, Caltex is offering Doraemon licensed pillows, head rests, blankets etc.. to make the trip more endurable.  Now the whole family has Caltex to thank with less crying on the trip.

Constantly thinking for its customers and providing comfort, Caltex is conducting their promotional products (promo gifts) campaigns along the lines of their tagline – “What drives you”.  In turn, customers convert by making Caltex their preferred petrol station and this helps convert more sales for Caltex.

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