ExxonMobil Offers Attractive Beach Promos This Summer!

Fill up with ExxonMobil’s Synergy Petrol this summer to enjoy their beach promos offer! Simply spend HK$200 worth of Synergy’s Petrol at any Esso or Feoso service station in Hong Kong. You would be entitled to redeem a fabulous beach towel or cooler bag with Smiles Points or cash! Hurry down and make your redemption before they run out of stocks!

Check out these attractive beach promo gifts offered by Esso!

ExxonMobil Offers Attractive Beach Promos This Summer!

ExxonMobil Offers Attractive Beach Promos This Summer!

Petrol companies have been offering promotions to attract more sales. Check out some of the promotions done by other companies previously around the world!

Offering beach promos boost sales

Offering promotional gifts can help boost sales as they act as incentives. People would be encouraged to make purchases in order to be entitled. These beach promo gifts have high-perceived value and they are durable. People can use the beach towels and the cooler bag this summer when they visit the beach!

ExxonMobil's Promotional Gifts

ExxonMobil’s Promotional Gifts

Customers can simply use their Smiles points to redeem the free gifts or top up a little more to receive them! With such useful gifts offered, people would want to purchase petrol from Esso.


Branding is vital in increasing brand awareness for your company. ExxonMobil can brand the beach towels and the cooler bag with their company logo. When people use these beach promos at the beach or anywhere, others would be able to notice the brand name. These promotional gifts could act as a free walking advertisement for your company as well! Not only does the marketing gifts make your clients happy, they can help boost sales!

Hurry get started with your very own branded beach promos or any promotional gifts to help attract more sales!

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