The magazine ‘Kick’ for football fans proves to be a hit especially when offering a promotional covermount gift with purchase. Purchasers of the Magazine received a free sticky hand toy. Kick magazine is a UK based monthly publication aimed at boys and girls aged 7-14.

Kick Magazine With Covermount Gift

Kick Magazine With Covermount Gift

How a Covermount Works for Magazines

  • Visual –  The magazine with its bulky appearance, extra packaging and lettering notifying of the free covermount is an instant attention grabber.
  • Incentive – They give a reason for picking one magazine over another.
  • They boost sales – Sales of Magazines with Covermounts are proven to be boosted in the short term.
  • Promote impulse purchase – consumers might not consider the magazine until they notice the covermount and then make a quick decision to select it to receive the gift.
  • Added Value –  Customer perceived value is increased
  • Free Marketing tool – All it takes is for the magazine to brand the item and then the customer through use of the item offers a free marketing platform.

Why Covermounts Work Best for Magazines Aimed at Young People

Everyone knows the purchasing power of persuasion held by children. But what about the other reasons that covermounts work so well for magazines aimed at young people? Well here is a look:

  • Young readers love gifts – A child will simply want something to play with, a student will see the use of the covermount and want to buy the magazine to save buying the product separately. A woman will always want to add to her collection of make up items.
  • Young people are more ready to part with their money in return for entertainment and material pleasure.

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