The August 6th edition of the Angler’s Mail has a little something extra for the lucky reader, a free promotional covermount in the form of a sunhat! This great promotional item is branded with the name of the top fishing magazine, Anglers Mail. It is also able to be used as a handy fold-up bait/groundbait bowl. The covermount offer can be found on the weekly edition of the Anglers Mail which is a sport fishing magazine in the United Kingdom. The covermount promotional item comes free included in the magazine as an on-pack promotion.

Covermount Gift with Angler's Mail

Covermount Gift with Angler’s Mail

How Covermount Gift Giveaways Boost Magazine Sales

Covermount items can boost magazine sales! This is especially so in the UK’s magazine market, where competition is high. The offering of a covermount gift is proven to boost short-term sales as it performs some crucial roles:

  • It is a more visually attractive offering compared to plain magazines that will catch and hold more attention from the potential customer.
  • It holds more perceived value in the mind of the customer.
  • It is a strong factor in influencing the final purchase decision.
  • It can influence impulse purchases.

If the covermount is branded then it will also offer a platform of free advertising. The branded product also has the potential to build a brand relationship with the user. Brand awareness can be built when people use the branded promotional gifts. Other people would be able to notice the brand name on the sunhat.

Offering practical gifts boost sales even greater. People would want to receive gifts that are useful and durable. Hence, they would be more willing to spend on your products in order to be entitled! Hurry get started with your very own branded yet useful promotional gifts for your clients to boost sales!

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