E-zone magazine has partnered with Arsenal in their a recent covermount campaign. E-zone magazine gave away a branded luggage tag from Arsenal, this well-known English football club, for every purchase of their weekly IT magazine.

Branded Luggage Tag- E-Zone's Covermount Gift Boosts Exposure

Branded Luggage Tag- E-Zone’s Covermount Gift Boosts Exposure

Getting a luggage tag and a magazine for the price of the magazine is a great incentive for customers to purchase. Furthermore, luggage tags are among marketers’ favorite promotional items due to its simplicity and versatility.

One of the brands that had success in using a branded luggage tag into their promotions is Brown Brothers, a family owned wine company in Australia.

Why Arsenal’s Branded Luggage Tag is Ideal for Promotions

  • Longevity of the Product: Made from rubber, this gift with purchase is durable and waterproof. Since it’s moulded, you can be sure that the designs won’t easily fade or disappear. It will not get damaged easily so customers will be able to use the gift for years to come. This also means continued brand visibility.
  • Collector’s Item: Avid soccer fans will find this incentive a great deal. Since it is from a popular brand, it drives customers to buy the magazine and collect the item.
  • Useful: Since this product is something people will use for travels, the brand will gain international exposure without additional costs.
  • Potential for Other Magazine and Product Partnerships: Extremely versatile and simple, the luggage tag is also ideal for sports magazines and drinks products. If you are collaborating with other brands, you may want to consider putting together a travel gift set. Promo travel accessories may include luggage tags, passport covers, and document organizers. This blog is a fantastic example:

Why Covermount Gifts?

E-zone is only among the many brands that found success in using covermount gifts to gain brand exposure. Other brands who have had previous success in this strategy includes:

Mountain Biking– the brand had used a pedal spanner and neoprene bag as covermount gifts in their a previous issue.

Peppa Pig – magazine included a golf set toy for kids as gift. This helped the brand increase their exposure and build loyalty because it presents parents the opportunity to grab a magazine and toys for the price of just the mag.

So, what makes covermount gifts a wonderful advertising idea? Partnerships allow two brands to enjoy great exposure. Recipients will appreciate your thoughtfulness and ultimately, remember your brand. The gifts will also help retain their interest in your magazine, thereby building stronger readership and online traffic.

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To sum it up, we believe that luggage tags, as covermount gifts, can be a simple, cost-efficient, and effective way to boost your promotions. Due to its versatility, they open up lucrative partnership opportunities with other brands. If you want to create something similar to Arsenal’s custom promotional merchandise, feel free to contact us. Our Mindsparkz team will help make your vision come alive. Check out our services page to learn how we can help your business.

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