Brown Brothers is giving away a free luggage tag as an on pack promotion. A luggage tag is definitely needed for security when you are travelling, making this gift a very useful one. Simply purchase the twin pack Moscato and walk away with this useful on pack promotion. This promotion is available in every Circle K in Hong Kong. So head down to your nearest outlet and get it today!

On Pack Promotions: Luggage Tag

On Pack Promotions: Luggage Tag

Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard is a family owned wine company and founded in 1889. Its long history is a proven statement of its success and quality.

How does offering an on pack promotion help us?

In every marketing effort, uniqueness makes a company stand out from the competitors. This unique quality can be derived from either your brand, or the quality of your gift. If you can offer a gift that is complimentary to the product you are selling, it enhances the value of the purchase. This gives more reason for customers to purchase.

Why offer a luggage tag?

Luggage tag is considered a commonly offered on pack promotion gift. So why are companies still offering this? Read on to find out more!

Doesn’t Cost Much

Its low production cost makes this on pack promotion gift a highly sought after one. Therefore, companies that don’t have much budget would most likely take up this promotion.

Highly Customizable

Luggage tags are easy to manufacture and design. This allows a great range of customizability for various marketing campaigns or themes.

The higher the customizability of the on pack promotions you offer, the easier you can brand them.

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