Neiman Marcus is currently offering a stylish cosmetic pouch as a promo gift. In order to enjoy this complimentary white cosmetic bag, simply spend $150 on Yves Saint Laurent products.

The cosmetic pouch looks chic in the gorgeous shade of white. It has a letter ‘Y’ sewn across the sides of the bag as part of the design. However, the letter “Y” is not just solely a design, it also serves the purpose of branding the bag as an item from Yves Saint Laurent. The simple yet sophisticated design makes it look expensive even though it is a free promo gift.

Promo Gift: Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetic Bag

Promo Gift: Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetic Bag

Yves Saint Laurent also known as YSL is a luxury fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge. In 2012, the ready-to-wear line was rebranded as Saint Laurent. However, the YSL name and iconic logo has been retained for the accessories and cosmetics line.

Why offer cosmetic pouches as promo gifts?

A cosmetic pouch makes an excellent gift for ladies as they can use it to store their make up. It also can be used on a daily basis when one needs to bring make up around for touching up or when traveling. In addition to being used for storing cosmetics, the pouch can also double up as a bag for holding travel-sized toiletries. This promo gift is very practical and can be used in a multiple ways!

How does a promo gift boost sales?

With such a stylish cosmetic pouch design, many potential customers will be attracted to this marketing gift and might purchase YSL items to receive the pouch. With an increase in the number of customers, the company will receive more sales and eventually an increase in revenue.

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