Russian cosmetics store Ile-de-Beaute is currently offering a gift with purchase to their customers in Russia. Simply spend 3 000 rubles or above buying goods at the store of Ile-de-Beaute and get an exclusive aroma candle as complimentary gift.

Gift with purchase from Yves Saint Laurent

Gift with purchase from Yves Saint Laurent

Why Yves Saint Laurent offers aroma candles as a gift with purchase?

In November, simply make purchases at the Ile-de-Beaute stores and get an original gift with purchase – Yves Saint Laurent candle perfumed with a delicate aroma. Perfumed candle will help create a unique and warm atmosphere in the house and give off a romantic mood. Yves Saint Laurent is French cosmetics “luxury” class, which has quite a long and interesting history. Their range of goods include cosmetics makeup tools, care products for face and body and a large selection of men’s and women’s fragrances. As a luxury brand, Yves Saint Laurent has to provide high quality promotional gifts. This aroma candle is an absolutely stunning promotional product and customers will be very happy to get one as a gift.

Why offer gift with purchase?

Gift with purchase is a very clever and thoughtful marketing ploy. The promotional action “gift with purchase” stimulates consumer demand by almost 100 %. The consumer is pushed to make a purchase not only with information about the quality and attractive price of the product, but also with gift that he will get for free. Marketing gifts indeed does help to increase sales at the stores. This promo action stimulates the probability of so-called “spontaneous purchase” when the buyer purchases goods, which he was not going to buy. In the minds of many people, a gift is strongly associated with holidays. Everyone likes getting gifts, promotional action gift with purchase helps to attract new customers, increase sales and brand awareness.

Our Russian readers can find some information below:

В ноябре сеть магазинов Иль де Боте проводит промо акцию. При покупке продукции Yves Saint Laurent на сумму от 3000 рублей Вы получаете в подарок эксклюзивную ароматическую свечу MANIFESTO. Она придаст уют вашему дому и наполнит его незабываемым ароматом. Количество подарков ограничено.