Yves Rocher used to offer gift with purchase to its customers. This french company has gathered a huge client base since 1959 and is now the most popular cosmetic brand in France. All you have to do is order something, whatever the price, and you will receive the promotional gift that you want between those products: tote bag or travel pouch.

Gift with Purchase by Yves Rocher - ODM 5316

Gift with Purchase by Yves Rocher – ODM 5316

Also, if you order for more than 35 Euros, you will receive this funny and colored gift:


Gift with Purchase by Yves Rocher - ODM 5317

Gift with Purchase by Yves Rocher – ODM 5317

Why did Yves Rocher use gift with purchase?

First, this kind of products is really appealing. French customers enjoy when they receive a gift with their purchase. Mainly, these promotional products are really convenient for summer. There are unique and original promotional gift with high perceived value. Customers can use it everyday to go to the beach or mall. These specifications allowed to Yves Rocher to increase its sales and also to be the first cosmetics brand in France. Also, customers enjoy when they can choose their own promotional gift so they are more prompt to place an order.

Gift with purchase allows you to promote the brand. Indeed, the brand name is written on the products. Tote bags, travel pouches and towels are inexpensive so it simple for Yves Rocher to print its brand name on its. Branding is extremely important as customers would constantly be reminded of your company every time they use your product. These are not only gifts with purchase but it serves as a walking advertisement for the company. Yves Rocher has printed its logo on and its brand name to help increase brand recognition for the company.

Nowadays, offering marketing gift to your customers is a need because of the strong competition between the cosmetic’s companies. Now, brands have to purpose gift with purchase to retain the customers and increase their sales.