Yves Rocher, a popular chain of beauty stores in France, is currently offering a really nice incentive product to its customers – A travel bag.

Incentive Product France - Travel Bag by Yves Rocher

Incentive Product France – Travel Bag by Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher often offers gifts to its customers, but most of the time it is only loyalty products. To get the gift, simply spend at least 35euros in any Yves Rocher store.

Offering this gift during the summer is really good idea. This summer bag is very useful because it has a lot of compartments that can fit in items such as towels, sunglasses and other beach wear. Thus, it will certainly appeal to a wide range of customers.

This incentive product will entice customers to buy more products in Yves Rocher stores and this would increase their sales turnover for the season!

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Now a few words in French for our foreign readers :

Garnier, un des spécialistes des cadeaux promotionnels démontre avec cette campagne l’attrait des objets publicitaires, en particulier les incentives. En effet, ces produits poussent réellement les clients à acheter plus de produits dans les magasins qui proposent cette promotion.

De plus, en proposant un produit vraiment utiles aux clients (par exemple un sac pendant l’été), ceci permet de susciter un réel intérêt pour la campagne.

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