The Russian cosmetics chain store Ile de beaute is now running another promotional campaign by Yves Saint Laurent. Purchase over 2500 roubles and get a branded notebook for free!

Notebook by Yves Saint Laurent in Russian Ile de beaute chain stores

The gift looks really stylish and sophisticated: the notebook is black, without any unnecessary diverting details as well as the case it goes with. What is more, you will find a pencil in a matching colour inside the case.

This is a very well planned promotion. People who acquire Yves Saint Laurent  products usually appreciate stylish and elegant accessories, so they will definitely want to have this notebook as a gift.

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Here’s a brief summary in Russian:

Поклонники косметики Yves Saint Laurent будут рады новой акции от любимого бренда. При покупке на сумму свыше 2500 рублей Вы получаете в подарок изысканный блокнот в обложке. Подарок отличается элегантным дизайном и придется по вкусу всем ценителям прекрасного.