Yves Saint Laurent collaborates with Nordstrom for the YSL cosmetics bag gift with purchase. Their promotion is really simple. A customer purchases $125 worth of YSL’s beauty products. Automatically, the customer receives the YSL cosmetic bag. This is an elegant and gorgeous cosmetic bag promotion should be on your list!

Custom Cosmetics Pouch as Gift With Purchase

This cosmetic promotional gift is great for makeup storage. Its compact design makes it very aesthetically appealing. Overall, this houses all your makeup items whilst being fashion forward.

The pouch feels and looks impeccably regal. The YSL logo seems to add another layer of class to the promotional gift. Also, Yves Saint Laurent gives out a few of its newest products. Therefore, aside from the beautiful pouch, customers receive the brand’s newest collection. All these are for free! If this isn’t the ultimate promotional gift, I don’t know what it is.

Gift with Purchase: Yves Saint Laurent’s cosmetics bag

Gift with Purchase: Yves Saint Laurent’s cosmetics bag

Gift with Purchase: Why does it work?

  • Brand Promotion and Profitability – First of all, gift with purchase is one of the best promotional ideas in the industry. It promotes your brand and increases sales. This promotion gives the customers a feeling that they are receiving more than what they are spending. YSL gives out 3 of their make up essentials along with an elegant cosmetic bag. Hence, this seems like a very worthy purchase. These customers feel the appreciation form the brand. As a result, this builds customer loyalty and brand equity.
  • Customisable – Also, this promo gift is highly customisable. YSL brands the custom promo gift with their sophisticated logo. Other brands could simply have your logo on the gift or add something extra and customise it further. There is a wide space for you to customise, making it a perfect platform for advertising. In addition, a unique design easily attracts customers. Therefore, we highly suggest using a variety of colours for these marketing gifts.

If you want to see another promo cosmetics bag, check out this funky and trendy bag from LeSportSac.

Overall, gift with purchase is a common promotion used by a lot of large companies. It is highly effective since popular brands use them regularly.

If this cosmetic bag interests you, please feel free to contact the ODM team anytime. Join the trend, see a great improvement and steady rise in sales!

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