Wall’s is currently offering a spectacular giveaway in Singapore supermarkets! With any $15 purchase of Wall’s ice cream, one will receive a cooler bag for free! The giveaway promotion is only valid whilst stocks last, so what are you waiting for? If you’re in Singapore, head down to the nearest supermarket and get yours now!

Giveaway: Cooler Bag

Giveaway: Cooler Bag

Wall’s is an United Kingdom-originated food brand owned by Unilever. It is now core to Unilever’s heart brand global ice cream business used in countries like Portugal, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Romania.

Why did Wall’s offer cooler bags?

A cooler bag is a practical promotional product and is complimentary to the products that Wall’s is selling! Cooler bags are insulated bags made out of materials that possess thermal insulation properties. They are commonly used to help maintain the temperature of any content, regardless of whether it is hot or cold!

This is the perfect giveaway item for Wall’s as they are selling ice cream and this gift can help to keep the ice cream from melting. The highly functional design of the cooler bag also makes it great for camps or outdoor events! This allows Wall’s ice cream consumers to enjoy the nice refreshing ice cream in the great outdoors! Consumers will definitely be thankful to have such a useful item like that!

Branding your giveaway item!

Wall’s has made a smart decision and has branded the cooler bag. The cooler bag color scheme of red and white represents the Wall’s brand colors. In addition to that, Wall’s has also placed its logo right in the center of the bag. This aids in building brand identity and brand recall for Wall’s. Whenever people use the cooler bag, they will definitely remember that the obtained the bag from a Wall’s giveaway.

By building up a strong brand identity and increasing brand recall, the company will be able to generate more sales over time.

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