Vitakraft offered some drawstring bags to the winners of an Halloween costume contest.  Your pet would have been delighted, isn’t it?

What is inside those drawstring bags?

 Please your dog, cat or bird with these drawstring bags full of delicacies

Please your dog, cat or bird with these drawstring bags full of delicacies

Vitakraft is a very famous brand in Europe for pet care. On its Facebook page, the firm organized an Halloween costume contest for all kind of pets.

The owner posted a lot of pictures online but in the end, the brand elected the four most funny, cute and extravagant outfits as the winners!

A bird, a dog, a cat and a rodent won a different prize, a drawstring bag filled with specific food, bedding and treats for the specific animal.

Drawstring bags as marketing items.

As we have seen, the brand used a social network –Facebook– to set up this contest. By doing that, their goal was to boost their popularity and get some new “likes” and followers on this platform. The reputation and the communication of a brand in a social network are getting more and more crucial nowadays.

The theme of a costume contest for pets was a really nice idea because that showed that fun is part of the brand’s DNA. That makes customers feel like they can relate to the brand!

Vitakraft offered its own product as a gift. It was also a good way to increase the brand awareness and to make some customers feel special because the will get the opportunity to try the new products of the brand before everyone else.

The business of the brand is not based on a specific animal only. In order to emphasize on this point, the firm has created four different drawstring bags with a specific printing on it. The content inside the bags are different to fit the need of each animal.

A drawstring bag is always a good marketing gift because it is customizable and cheap. Because it also very useful, the person who has received this kind of item will promote your brand all around by using it. That allows you to have a nice visibility at least cost.

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