OraCare is giving away free on-pack branded drawstring bag with purchase of their 500mL mouthwash. We spotted this brand campaign at a shopping store in the Philippines. With a branded gift with purchase, it becomes easier for customers to choose their brand over others.

Branded Drawstring Bag by OraCare - Practical GWP that Wows Customers

Branded Drawstring Bag by OraCare – Practical GWP that Wows Customers


One of the best ways to get customers to notice your brand is through on pack promotions. The additional gift item inside the pack helps motivate customers to buy the product. This is because rewards have a positive impact on customer’s buying behavior.


Branded Drawstring Bag from OraCare- Why It’s a Good Marketing Gift

  • Effective Brand Positioning: Printed across the bag is their brand name. This means, using the bag at public places effortlessly promotes the brand. The company used silk screen printing to label their bags.
  • Practical: The practical value of the bag makes it an ideal promotional gift with purchase that customers will love. Practical on pack promo gifts are likely to attract more customers because they are useful for their everyday personal life.
  • Easy to Customize: Bags are flexible in terms of design and manufacture. as such, OraCare saved a lot with this cost-efficient promotional product.

Why a Branded Drawstring Bag?

If you are thinking of using a branded drawstring bag for your next brand campaign, you may want to make your promotional bag as unique and functional as possible. Bags are flexible and customizing them is fairly easy.

Now that reflective bags are trending in the market, you may want to add reflective strips or reflective graphics to make your brand stand out even in the dark. Check out our previous project we did for a client. It’s perfect for sports teams or promoting sports apparels, water brands, and beverage companies.


Drawstring bags also work great as a promotional product packaging because they can be made in various shapes and sizes. Here are some of the designs we have made in the past:


Materials for such promotional product vary from canvas, to PET, and PVC. Printing methods also depend on the materials and your preference.


Indeed, OraCare made the most out of their marketing budget with a simple yet effective promotional gift.


Do you want to create your own branded drawstring bag? Contact ODM for customization and design needs. For more ideas, we rounded up some of our favorite blogs below.


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