Sunscreen  brand Calypso wows customers with practical custom travel bag to carry their product in whilst out in the sun. Calypso has decided to put their company logo on this sunscreen bag. Custom Promotional Merchandise is a great way to increase your brand awareness. Practical, useful and low cost? A win-win for both the clients and the company.


Custom Travel Bag: Great In-Store Practical Gift Wows Customers

Custom Travel Bag: Great In-Store Practical Gift Wows Customers


When buying the three bottles of sunscreen and After Sun, clients of Calypso will be treated to this complimentary custom travel bag. We particularly like how Calypso have included a detailed pamphlet in the back of the bag. It describes each one of these products with a visually nice picture. This is a really good use of Brand Packaging Design.


Custom Travel Bag: Great In-Store Practical Gift Wows Customers

Custom Travel Bag: Great In-Store Practical Gift Wows Customers


Summer increases outdoor activity and therefore provides great opportunity for gift innovation.

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A Custom Travel Bag’s advantages for your company

 Impulse Buying: Looking at this sunscreen case study, even though the customer may not intend on buying 3 bottles of the product, with a complimentary custom travel bag included they are much more likely to spend a bit more knowing they are receiving something in return.

– Practicality: Sunscreen can get messy. It can leak during travel, get sand stuck to it and stain things. A promotional pouch bag is a practical and useful complimentary gift. When a free gift compliments the preexisting product, its a win-win for all!

– Increase Customer Loyalty: If the customer thinks they are getting more than the product itself, they will be more likely to build loyalty to your brand. This is great for building consistency in your sales.

– Multi-use: Once the product has been used, this bag can still be used by the customer to store their suncream. It is a timeless complimentary gift that will prove extremely useful.

– Cheap but effective: This will not cost your company much but be highly effective in making your product stand out against other brands. Cheap promotional items are therefore a great way to boost sales.


Whether you are visiting the deserts of Inner Mongolia, hopping to Vietnam for the week or applying your daily SPF sun protection – this is a great, transportable promo gift idea to take your company to the next level.


Would a promo gift such as a Custom Travel Bag boost your reputation, sales and customer loyalty? Speak to one of our design experts at the ODM Group today. We can tailor products exactly to your desire.


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