Innovative Cardboard In Store Display Wows the Market

Regardless of where you are in the world, and whatever business you are in, there is always one constant. All customers are attracted to promotions. Examples include in pack offers, on-pack offers, complimentary gift with purchases, and bespoke cardboard in store display. In order to succeed in any market, you have to first attract customers to purchase your product, ahead of your competition. If a customer views your product before your competitor’s, chances are that he or she will purchase your product!

For example, in Ho Chi Minh City, Australian milk company Devondale makes use of a cardboard in store display to promote its milk products in a Co-Op outlet. It does so through the use of a unique cow design that hangs from the display rack.

Innovative Cardboard In Store Display Wows the Market

Innovative Cardboard In Store Display Wows the Market

Why do we love such cardboard in store displays?

  • Design: The in store display has a cute design, which is sure to attract customers. With the design also appealing to children, pester power can also be used. This is because children will persuade their parents to buy milk products after seeing the cute design, and they will be able to make the purchase. It can also drive impulse purchase.
  • Placement: We also love the placement of the custom POP display. It contains various milk brands that directly compete with Devondale. As such, with the placement of the unique cow display, it helps to shift the attention of the customers to Devondale’s products, and they will look at them ahead of its competitors.
  • Convenience: It is also extremely easy to use the in store display. This form of display is extremely easy to implement, as there are no complicated steps in installing the display. It’s made from cardboard with full color-print, and it’s cost-effective.

There are many benefits to having a cardboard in store displays for your company. With these displays, your company will drive sales, attract and retain customers. Being affordable as well, you will not need to worry about exceeding your marketing budget.

So, will a cardboard in store display take your company to the next level? Do you think it will help you to achieve your sales goals? Could it help boost your brand? If so, The ODM Group is certainly ready to help! Feel free to contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are in-store displays?

In-store displays are unique presentations in a store to attract shoppers to a certain product.

What is the cost like for an in-store display?

The cost of a display varies, depending on the kind of material it is made or if there are any special features to it.

How can you make your in-store display more appealing?

It can be of bright and appealing colours. It is great to make the logo distinct to create more brand awareness. You can also involve a theme to make it more interesting. You can also have lighting to attract shoppers.

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