Maximise Your In Store Marketing With A Levitating Display

A magnetic levitating display is the latest innovative method to attract customers with in store marketing.  It may look futuristic enough to be something from the latest Star Wars but this genius display really levitates products in mid-air. With big brands such as Nike beginning to show off their new products with these fantastic displays, there is no reason for your company not to go back to the future.

Maximise Your In Store Marketing With A Levitating Display

Maximise Your In Store Marketing With A Levitating Display

How These Levitating Displays Work

The magic that lies behind these fantastic displays involves the repelling of magnets to keep the products floating and in position. The magnetic field within the display respells the magnet attached to the product from the bottom and top, creating an equilibrium and therefore levitation.

Maximise Your In Store Marketing With A Levitating Display

Maximise Your In Store Marketing With A Levitating Display

This in store marketing display can be used for almost any product and the technique is not exclusive to bottles and light products, in fact if a magnet can be attached to a product, then that product will be able to levitate.

As you can see in the video the object can also be manipulated to spin in it’s levitated position giving the in store marketing display the chance to show the product at all angles with the need of only a single initial spin.

How ODM Used These Levitating Displays

Maximise Your In Store Marketing With A Levitating Display

Maximise Your In Store Marketing With A Levitating Display

During trade show month ODM have been busy showing off our monkey plush toys with this amazing levitating display. We had the plushes made to calibrate the year of the monkey and of course our favourite promotional items – the lucky socks.

This particular levitating display is a great way to show off your products at a trade show while similarly endorsing your company’s image. This display is perfect for lighter items like plush toys and light foods like cereal. Particularly with cereal this can show that it is a healthy breakfast solution, almost good enough to float on air.

Why Apply A Levitating Display To Your In Store Marketing

The Flexibility of the display allows a huge range of products to be made to levitate: From a bottle to even trainers. Furthermore the display also allows the product to rotate, offering a 360 degree view of the item without even having to touch it.

Having its futuristic appearance and brilliant levitating abilities, this display does not just sell itself, but sells the product when it comes to in store marketing. Every Sci-Fi fan has dreamt of teleporting and levitating items with ease. While teleportation hasn’t quite made it yet, levitation has, and it will certainly be one to excite those who love this idea.

With how unique the display is, it wont be something brushed over easily by customers once they enter a store. With its interactive capabilities and amazing appearance, it will become the centerpiece to any shop floor or in store marketing campaign.

For all these reasons, not only will the levitating display be remembered but also the the brand that is levitating. Through word of mouth this can lead to more customers who would like to see the phenomenon themselves. This will eventually create greater brand recognition and effectively increasing sales.

Maximise Your In Store Marketing With A Levitating Display

Maximise Your In Store Marketing With A Levitating Display

If you have an up coming in store marketing campaign and want to differentiate yourself from the crowed then call our sales and marketing team today and they will be happy to assist you in developing one that is just right.

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How do levitating product displays work?

For the product to levitate, a magnet is inserted into the product. There are also magnets beneath and above the product. Each magnet has two polarizing ends - the south and north poles. When the same pole faces each other it repels. Therefore this makes a levitating effect.

Do I need strings to make the product levitate?

No. There are no attachments between the display and product. This is enabled using magnetic fields.

Why are levitating product displays successful?

In marketing, customers like to be engaged with unique and creative approaches. While a levitating product display is not something new to the retail industry, it still is able to impress customers.

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