Are you an FMCG company looking for a cost-effective in-store promotion strategy for your brand? A cardboard hangsell display may be the answer for you. As the FMCG industry is highly competitive, companies are rolling out unique in-store promotions to make their brand stand out from their competition.

A hangsell display is a promotional tool used by brands to make their brand pop out to attract shoppers to their products. Plus, it allows companies to maximise their floor space. So, having one of these will be an absolute win.

Recently, I came across this cardboard hangsell display by Dove in Singapore. The design of the display is unlike other hangsell displays I have seen before.

Cardboard Hangsell Display

Cardboard Hangsell Display

Here are a few reasons why I love Dove’s hangsell display:

Visually Appealing Graphics

Their display has very cute cartoon characters, called the “Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends” on them and the font used matches. Having licensed characters for your promotion can entice shoppers to buy your products. Plus, it can create buzz for their promotion just like the hype for Hello Kitty or Line licensed merchandise.

Plus, the design choice shows that Dove understands its target market, which is Singaporean women in their late teens to early 30s. Additionally, incorporating Singaporean cuisine into the characters creates some level of identity and resonance.

Cardboard Hangsell Display

Cardboard Hangsell Display

Structure of Display

The structure of the display is bilateral, which is something different from the usual hangsell display designs. This is a very smart design as the product can be seen in the direction the shopper is walking. They would not have to turn heads to look at it. This can help make Dove’s shampoo stand out from others.


Why should you have a cardboard hangsell display?

Save Shelf Space

A good thing about hangsell displays is that they are space-saving. The most strategic spot to hang would be spaces between shelves, end caps, or the wall near the cashier to encourage customers to make additional purchases. This hangsell display allows for 12 products to be on it.



This custom retail display is made of cardboard which is a very low-cost material. Cardboard is also a lightweight but durable material, so it is safe to hang it from a shelf and not worry about it tearing. Plus, there are no limitations with customising the display as CMYK printing is possible and there are many design possibilities with cardboard.

Also, cardboard is an eco-friendly and biodegradable material. In-store displays are rotated every 2-4 weeks, so after this is not in use, it can be recycled.



Having a hangsell display is convenient for the shopper as the shopper can just grab the product from there instead of taking it from the shelf.


Eye Level

Eye-level is buy level, which means when something is within the field of vision, the attention is directed to that object, leaving everything in the background.

The cardboard in-store display can easily capture the attention of the shopper as it is displayed at eye level and located near the store aisle. Also, the bilateral design allows the product to be seen in both the walking directions of the shopper. They will notice that first and are more likely to purchase the product. Hence, a surefire way to rise above the competition.

Cardboard Hangsell Display

Cardboard Hangsell Display


Our Takeaways

A cardboard hangsell display is a great in-store marketing tool for FMCG brands to stand out in a highly competitive market. It can help differentiate your product from others and capture shoppers’ attention. Plus, using cardboard is cost-effective and allows for endless design possibilities.


How ODM Can Help

Interested in a branded hangsell display for your next promotional campaigning? Do not hesitate to contact the ODM team! We are more than happy to help you out.

We have years of experience in the promotional product industry and has helped many brands in their in-store marketing with the use of POS display units, on-pack promotions, gift-with-purchase, and FSDUs.

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