Are you looking for new ways to maximize your floor space without having to spend a lot? Then a branded hangsell display might be what you need. Hangsell displays are portable, economical, and space-saving.

Branded Hangsell Display

Branded Hangsell Display

Check out Pringles branded POP display at the airport. Spotted at the snacks section, the point of purchase display hangs on one side of a shelf. Upon seeing the hanging display, we were immediately drawn to it. Here’s why:


Why this Branded Hangsell Display is Effective

1. Interesting Color Combination

In the photos, we can see that Pringles is offering “Cheesy Cheese” and “Hot &Spicy” flavors. The cans lend a pop of color to the whole setup. Since the color of the canisters contrasts with a brown wooden shelf, it really stands out.

2. “Eye Level is Buy Level”

This is the principle behind every winning point of sale display. As the cans of Pringles are placed on eye level, they easily catch the attention of passersby, encouraging them to get one of the displayed products.


Branded Hangsell Display

Branded Hangsell Display

3. Impulse Buys

As mentioned above, eye-level marketing is an effective strategy to increase sales. This is because customers tend to pay attention to products that are within their line of sight and reach.

4. Space-Saving

What we like about hangsell displays is that they do not take up much space. You can just hang them in unused spaces between shelves, end caps, or on the wall near the checkout counter to encourage customers to make additional purchases.

Branded Hangsell Display

Branded Hangsell Display

5. Lightweight

The custom display is made from hard cardboard. It is lightweight and portable yet sturdy. It can hold at least a dozen of Pringles. As we can see from the photo, it is attached to a plastic hook. What did we learn from this? Hangsell displays are made with portability and convenience in mind that is why they are often made from lightweight and durable materials such as plastic and cardboard. Furthermore, it does not require special tools to install or remove.

Branded Hangsell Display

Branded Hangsell Display

6. Convenient

The compartments are made in a zigzag style not only to maximize the limited space but also to make it more convenient for customers to grab the products on the go.


Branded Hangsell Display: Does Your Company It?

We have already mentioned the benefits of having hangsell displays. However, the real question is, “is it what you need?” They are long-lasting on top of being cost-effective, which gives you more value for money.

Ideal for small items such as gums, candies, self-care products, and grooming items, hang sell displays ensure that they get the attention they deserve.

Do you need something that can be easily changed after an event? Do you always do seasonal campaigns? Then, you will need a POS display that you can replace after a few months or so. This is where a hangsell display comes in. Since it requires very little to manufacture and is quite sturdy, it will not hurt your pocket to replace them once the season ends.


Contact ODM

Would your company benefit from a branded hangsell display? If so, let our team of designers and merchandisers help you out! Here, at ODM, we specialize in designing and manufacturing bespoke POS displays and high-end POP displays for retail. However, we can also help with simple retail displays, promotional product packaging, and custom promotional giveaways.

Do you want to see more cool hangsell display design ideas, then make sure to browse through our list.


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