Mentos has recently inspired us with their mounted display stand in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This is a great way to not only market your products but also a very convenient and easy way for customers to select your product. A custom display rack is often used by brands to attract costumers – however, for smaller products, a mounted display stand will be both effective but less costly.

Products can be seen much easier here than on a shop shelf, and it is additionally much easier to select this product. If the customer is in a rush convenience is their main priority. Likewise, if a customer is waiting at the checkout area, they are more likely to see something on a stand and, as a result, select it. Unlike a custom in-store display, mounted display stands actually have the products on them rather than just the advertisement.

Mounted Display Stand by Mentos: Both Useful and Effective

Mounted Display Stand by Mentos: Both Useful and Effective

A Mounted Display Stand becomes even more effective when used as POS display units. As we have already mentioned, they make a very convenient way of grabbing something on the go whilst heading to the checkout. In the confectionery market this is all the more important, as a busy shopper will be craving sugary goods to increase their energy or wanting mints to freshen their breath. This product placement on a mounted display unit is therefore a good strategy by Mentos.

Mounted Display Stand by Mentos: Both Useful and Effective

Mounted Display Stand by Mentos: Both Useful and Effective


Many brands use this method to entice buyers to their products. Check out a similar method employed by make-up brand Benefit:

Some of the main benefits of using Mounted Display Stands

  • Gives customers easy access to the products. It also allows them to locate the brand along busy aisles of department stores without hassle.
  • Visibility – mounted display stands usually go to eye level and higher, making them visible to the customer rather than just on the shop shelf
  • Visually attractive – when stocked up mounted display units can look great along shop isles or the checkout area

Potential Limitations?

  • This product is totally size dependent and  its success relies on storing smaller products


Could your company benefit from the use of a mounted display stand? Would this be effective in marketing your item and convenient for your customer? Is so, we’d love to hear from you – get in touch with the ODM group today. We also design promotional product packaging, and manufacture custom promotional merchandise.

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