Who says no to Mentos? Probably no one. Who would not love these scotch mints that make you stay fresh? You can find it everywhere, but there’s nothing you can compete with it. Spotted on a supermarket in Singapore, this branded display of Mentos shows how distinct their brand is.

Branded Display

Branded Display

We love how Mentos always find a way to market their brand through their in-store displays. Their promotional display rack can attract shoppers no matter where it is positioned, and with its engaging shelf banner design, there is no chance that they can resist the coolness that Mentos offers. But here’s more to it, let our case study show you.


How This Branded Display Rack Made Us Say Yes?

Imposes Brand Call

The creative design and colorful features of this customized display rack undoubtedly call the attention of shoppers. Even without the intention of actually buying it, people are allured to its place and might consider getting one. The rack proactively speaks for the brand, dominating the area from the competitors.



Made from corrugated cardboard, which is cheap to acquire, this rack minimizes the budget while producing a good result. It is a smart retail marketing strategy, especially for small businesses that are just starting up. Even for large brands like Mentos, this is still a smart choice as these materials are durable enough for their products.

Branded Display

Branded Display of Mentos

Increases Brand Awareness

Even from afar, shoppers can recognize that this rack belongs to Mentos. The brand might already be so popular, but it increases awareness among people who pass by. It leaves an imprint on their mind and probably goes back to take one, boosting sales.


Appealing and Engaging

It might not be an end-cap display, but it still appears appealing to the shoppers. It is positioned along the aisle that makes it more open and inviting so shoppers can see the products well. The phrases “stay fresh” and “take me with you” on the rack’s banner sounds engaging enough that reading it will make your mouth dry and crave for some freshness on the go.

Branded Display

Branded Display of Mentos

The Only Limitation We See

As time pass by, the durability of the branded display rack might be tested. The side part might be prone to everyday wear and tear and should not be leaned on.

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POS Displays allow you to showcase your products and highlight unique details of your products. One fine example of a branded cardboard POS Display is Laroche Posay’s stand at Guardian, which caught the eye of our staff in Singapore.