Coca-cola diversified its beverages with  new product line for the Chinese market. The new drink, Georgia coffee has re-entered the market to battle it’s long time competitor, Pepsi Co. A giant cup with Georgia’s brand name was spotted in one of China’s largest retail chains, Carrefour. You will hardly miss the POP display as it was strategically placed . The unique appearance and creatively stacked products made it even more noticeable .

Custom display

Custom giant cup display

 What are the advantages of using a large custom display?

By using a custom POP display, your products will appear more professional and appealing in the eyes of consumers. Retailers with huge buying power such as Walmart and Jusco, prefer displays that makes their stores looking organized and clean. Having a customized POP display will allow retailers to use it in promoting your product . The exposure of your product will reach a larger customer base, thus, allowing you to capitalized more on revenue.

Another advantage of custom POP display is the large surface area. As seen from the picture above, Georgia’s brand name is highly visible on the giant cup display.  The large surface area will improve brand visibility and spreading brand awareness. This is an effective tool for visual branding and advertising. Visuals such as above will make your brand recognizable. Customers will recall your brand and product easily when considering a purchase. In addition, you can gain a loyal and stable customer base with a professionally designed stand. The custom POP display reflects your company’s identity and brand.

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