We absolutely love this coffee marketing idea by Phuc Long, a popular coffee shop in Vietnam. The company impressed us with coffee gift sets and coffee filters. Positioned on a long table at the center of the shop, they certainly encourage customers to make unplanned purchases.

The coffee business is one lucrative industry and Vietnam is the second, largest exporter of high-quality coffee in the world. For this reason, you will find their streets lined with cafes selling high-grade coffee. One of those coffee shops is Phuc Long.

Coffee Marketing

Coffee Marketing

Phuc Long has been in business since 1968. The company is committed to contributing to Vietnam’s coffee industry by continuously improving their tea and coffee products. True to its mission of providing high-quality tea and coffee, the company has put together gift sets that customers will surely enjoy.

They are offering two gift sets: Lady Coffee Gift Set and Brocade Coffee Gift Set.

On another part of the store, they are selling Phin Coffee Filter.


Lady Coffee Gift Set

This contains 100g x 2 packs and a coffee drip. The products come in colorful promotional drawstring bags. Some of the bags feature their iconic logo while some feature traditional art.

Coffee Marketing

Coffee Marketing

Brocade Coffee Gift Set

It contains:

  • four packets of flavored coffee such as Cherry, Culi, Moka, and Robusta
  • packets of sugar
  • stirrers
  • coffee drip

The items are carefully packed in a traditional brocade bag.

Coffee Marketing

Coffee Marketing


Why This Promotion Works

Uniqueness– Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. By offering a gift set that contains products that go together, Phuc Long was able to attract more customers. Those who are not familiar with the brand will be encouraged to buy because they will see this as “worth a try.” It is indeed rare to find a coffee gift set.

Packaging– The packaging of each set is certainly unique and attention-grabbing. Lady coffee gift set packaging comes in various color drawstring bags. Printed on the bag is a lady playing some kind of traditional instrument. On the other hand, the brocade gift set comes in a traditional brocade bag. The sides are lined with brocade fabric while the top and bottom are made from plastic. What makes this concept interesting is the combination of traditional and modern elements. This effectively captures what their brand is about: preserving the traditional Vietnamese taste in a way that also appeals to modern palate.

Coffee Marketing

Coffee Marketing

Cultural Appeal– Customers are always looking for “authentic” products. And that is what Phuc Long is all about. From the packaging design to the products itself, everything screams of authentic Vietnam coffee! Through effective coffee marketing, Phuc Long not only successfully promoted their company but their culture as well.

Convenience– Phuc Long’s aluminum coffee filter allows customers to enjoy the aromatic and delicious Vietnamese coffee in the comfort of their homes.

Branding– The product packaging as well as the aluminum filter are nicely branded. We particularly like the subtle and classy branding on these coffee making tools. The embossed logo on the cover lets customers know what brand it is. Brand placement is crucial in creating long-lasting impressions.

Coffee Marketing

Coffee Marketing

Coffee Shop Marketing Benefits

Gain More Customers: Gift sets are an effective way to gain more customers. Often the set comes with products that are normally used together. By offering promotional gift sets, customers get more items for the price of one. In this example, shoppers were able to obtain Phuc Long coffee merchandise at a very affordable price.

Raise Sales Despite the Pandemic: Upon checking out their website, we have learned that the gift sets are also available for delivery. This is really helpful for people who barely have free time to visit their coffee shop. And with COVID 19 still a problem, this allows customers to enjoy Phuc Long’s signature coffee without having to leave their homes.

Loyalty: The products are sold at an affordable price. Imagine getting high-quality coffee and tools at a low price! They are building loyalty through affordable yet high-quality products. This is certainly a surefire way to gain consumer trust.

Marketing Beyond Coffee Shops: This idea of offering coffee gift sets with branded tools prolongs your marketing beyond shops. The aluminum filter is also reusable so customers can still use them even after they have finished the contents.


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