Reflective shopping bags are trending nowadays because of the additional safety features of reflective trims. Our team has been working hard to deliver high quality bag designs for clients and one of the latest developments we love is the promotional drawstring bag with reflective strips.

Making a Brand Statement with Reflective Promotional Drawstring Bag

Making a Brand Statement with Reflective Promotional Drawstring Bag

If you are looking to use reflective drawstring bag for your brand campaign, here’s the product specifications:

  • Size: 36 x 25 cm
  • Non Woven White 100 GSM
  • Reflective tape
  • Metallic eyelets
  • Printing all over 1 color / 1 side
  • Personalized box with 6 custom crayons
  • Full color hangtag
  • Black drawstring
Making a Brand Statement with Reflective Promotional Drawstring Bag

Making a Brand Statement with Reflective Promotional Drawstring Bag

Of course, size and color can be modified according to your preference. You can also ask for custom add-ons such as reflective umbrella to augment road visibility and optimize your promotions.For high quality designs, speak with our in-house product designers at Mindsparkz.

This one is different from other promotional bags we have featured before. The addition of reflective strips and the use of highly recyclable materials add value to the product, ensuring that your promotional product will not end up in trash bins. Your customers will remember your brand as long as they use your drawstring bag at school or game day.

Why We Like This Style

  • It’s Perfect for Kids: Unlike the usual rectangular promotional shopping bag, the drawstring style is more sporty and casual. It leans a bit more towards the younger audience. They work great with sports apparel brands, sports teams, and shoes. Below is another coloring bag with different style. This one is from Spar Belgium and it has reflective sides.
  • It Comes With Full Color Hangtag: Hangtags are a great way to augment promotions. They are special tags attached to products to show price, brand name, and other details about the product. Marketers can use the hangtags to convey their special personal message to their customers or use it as a coupon for contests.
  • Novelty: It’s a coloring bag with free custom crayons, which is great for kids. This adds an exciting and interesting element to a classic promotional bag. But most importantly, when kids carry the bag they colored personally, it gives your brand invaluable exposure.

Designing Promotional Drawstring Bag with Reflective Strips

As you can see, there is a reflective strip sewn across the lower part of the bag. The designs are silk-screen printed.

You can also print designs with reflective ink to improve road visibility at night. Going reflective is 3 times the cost of normal silk screen printing. Although it’s a bit pricier, it can improve your promotional drawstring bag in terms of appearance and functionality.

Our reflective bags can be made of woven and non-woven Polypropylene (PP) fabric (for coloring bags, it’s non woven). But you can also try to use other materials such as canvas, cotton, or mesh. For promotions, we highly recommend PP as this is recyclable and offers the same durability and design flexibility as other materials.

Why ODM?

We can help you from the brainstorming process through sourcing and manufacturing stages. Our friendly staff are always ready to answer your queries. Our team visits factory floors to ensure that your promotional products are done according to your specifications.

We also specialize in creating top notch POS display units and other custom promotional merchandise.

If you are interested in this product, send us an inquiry referencing code 2206 to get a quote. For more marketing inspiration, check out the following blogs:

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