Who doesn’t like a free gift? Overland are offering free premium bags worth $100 for any customer who wants to splash out $280 or more at any one of their selected New Zealand retail stores. Encouraging additional expenditure with the use of premium gift with purchase is something we at ODM have seen many a time. Though, this particular promotional expedite offers a little more finesse than some others in the past. The notion of gift-giving can be seen in two ways. One, an act of generosity, empathy and kindness. Second, and the way that all businesses should view it; a transaction that holds weight and crucially offers benefit to both parties involved.

Premium Gift With Purchase: Overland free bag worth $100

Premium Gift With Purchase: Overland free bag worth $100

How to make a successful premium gift with purchase campaign?

  • Perceived value. Ask yourself, will the customer truly like and importantly value this offer? If the answer is yes, go for it! Value is not simply defined by the rrp or even the quality of a product, it should be seen as whether the offering is a practical and useful one. High end promotional bags are regularly used by brands due to this, and lets not forget- nobody can ever have enough bags.
  • Have purpose and direction. What do we want to achieve? Is a good starting question. In the retail world it is mainly used as a tool to boost customer spending although this is not the only purpose. Understanding what your goals are and adapting accordingly is essential. 
  • Continuity and transparency. If you are a premium brand, which in this case Overland pride upon being, ensure that you are offering a product of that calibre. Let’s not be stingy.
Premium Gift With Purchase - Overland free bag worth $100

Premium Gift With Purchase – Overland free bag worth $100

  • It’s FREE so shout about it! Make sure that every person who has had any kind of past/future relation or experience with the firm knows that you are offering something at no cost. No matter the channel, preach it.
  • Clean and simple design. In store displays play a massive part to any type of marketing campaign. The customer shouldn’t have to fight through colour clashes or dodgy fonts to find out what the offer is, so make sure it’s easy on the eye, and keep in check with overall colour schemes.
  • Make it relatable and current. “Holiday” is a popular pre-modifier when it comes to formulating slogans. Not only because of its relevance pretty much all-year round but due to the connotations of the word; happiness, family and spending-more-than-normal comes to mind.
Premium Gift With Purchase - Overland free bag worth $100 2

Premium Gift With Purchase: Overland free bag worth $100

The benefits of using premium gift with purchase campaigns are endless. Increasing customer expenditure, means an increase in sales, (hopefully) means an increase in profits, and as we all know these make businesses happy. A heightening of customer satisfaction should also be a cause of customer attainment and retention, whilst brand recognition will hopefully be increased via positive word of mouth.

Here at ODM we like to help. Feel FREE to speak to us about promo gifts us and we’ll be sure to lend you a helping hand. We have years of expertise sourcing items from China for clients all over the world, as well as providing innovative and professional POS displays similar to shown in the images above. Check out our marketing gifts for other great case studies on this topic.