People love to receive promotional gift sets! Gift sets are perceived as more worth-for-money and have higher utility value as compared to a single promotional item offered. Online store,, is offering this $150 worth of gift set for customers who purchase $125 worth of products! Isn’t it worth for money to you? Read on to find out more about this interesting promotion and how it can help boost sales for you!

Make Your Money Worth with Promotional Gift Sets!

Make Your Money Worth with Promotional Gift Sets! is an online store that sells many different brands of beauty products. They have now collaborated with Lela Rose, a fashion design company, to come up with this Lela Rose designed deluxe sample bag as their promotional gift. The promotional gift set includes the deluxe sample bag and some other sampler products, as well as a $10 online shopping voucher.

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Why is it worth your money?

Customers can simply spend $125 and receive promotional gifts that are worth more than what they have purchased valued at $150. This gift set would definitely be a good and attractive deal to them. Naturally, they would want to receive such gift sets and would be willing to make purchases with

How would promotional gift sets boost sales? offered this promotional gift sets that could help boost sales in the long run. By offering free sampler products along with the deluxe bag, customers would be able to try out the different branded beauty products that offers on their online store. The women may not even know some of these brands, but after trying out for the first time, they may end up attracted to the product brand. They may eventually purchase these product brand items from and of course, sales would start rolling in!

To add on, women would be attracted to such worth for money promotional gifts. They may even be willing to make purchases with this online store just to be entitled to this promotional gift sets.


Branding helps increase brand awareness for your company. Remember to brand your promotional products before giving them out to your customers. When they use the sample bags in the public, other people would be able to notice your company brand name on the bag. These bags could very well act as free walking advertisement for you. Wait no more and hurry get your very own branded promotional products to help boost sales for your company!