Promotional gift sets are a widely used marketing strategy by most marketers because it allows them to sell multiple products in a single transaction. Take a look at this breakfast gift set by The Best. Featured products include gift with purchase mugs, tea, coffee, and biscuits.

Promotional Gift Sets - Clever Retail Promotions by The Best

Promotional Gift Sets – Clever Retail Promotions by The Best

Set two contains a coffee plunger,  chocolate, and cookies. Customers see this as a fantastic deal since they get the products along with the on-pack gifts for less.

Promotional Gift Sets - Clever Retail Promotions by The Best

Promotional Gift Sets – Clever Retail Promotions by The Best

Most brands use gift sets as a marketing ploy to get their products into the household of their customers and increase profitability. This wine appreciation gift set is one good example. The package, which includes wine glasses and whiskey stones, targets high-end customers and wine enthusiasts. High-quality and eye-catching, it is ideal as company giveaway or Holiday gift.

If you’re looking to enhance your in-store and online brand performance, why not use promotional gift sets for your next project? Below we share how a promotional gift set can give your brand a boost.

The Best Stand Out with Promotional Gift Sets

  • Attracts Buyers: One of the benefits of using promotional sets is continued patronage. The clever combination of products traditionally consumed together greatly appeals to busy customers. Furthermore, it saves people a trip down multiple aisles in the supermarket to get the product they want.
  • Increased Sales: Retailers usually place discounts on gift packages to entice shoppers to buy their products. It makes a fantastic deal for buyers who have limited budget. Those who have purchased your product and were satisfied might recommend it to their friends and relatives. And this could inspire repeat purchases and retain customer loyalty.
  • Brand Awareness: Pre-packaging best selling items allows your brand to stand out on retail shelves. The use of custom packaging also plays a vital role in building brand awareness within the retail environment. In our example, the brand put their brand in sturdy hamper boxes so it is also gift-ready.

If you are considering putting together a gift set for your customers, we suggest using eye-catching product packaging to spark interest. Setting up an in-store display will also help set your brand apart from competitors.

Speak with us! ODM can assist in creating custom packaging, gift set ideas, and POS display units. We will help you put together meaningful gift sets for various industries. Speak with our marketing team today for personalized promotional & marketing Gift Items.

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