A menu is a significant part of every restaurant. Basically, it shows customers the different kinds of dishes that are available to order. If done right, menus may bring a good impression to customers and entice people to order specials. Check out this custom wooden menu stand that is made just right.

The team found this beautifully crafted wooden menu stand in The Social, an upscale restaurant in our local shopping mall in Cebu, Philippines. Their solid wood design immediately caught our attention. It’s not just pleasing to look at, but durable as well. The branding is laser engraved with paint filling. It truly is a standout!

Custom Wooden Menu Stand for Restaurants

Custom Wooden Menu Stand for Restaurants

Aside from creating unique promotional products, ODM has created menus for various restaurants. Our creative team at Mindsparkz will help conceptualise and realise the perfect idea that you have.

Why use a Custom Wooden Menu Stand?

  • Design. First of all, menus need to be neat and presentable. It would help if its concept is in line with your restaurant’s theme. Using a finely crafted wooden stand leaves a lasting positive impression on your customers. Thus, creating a pleasant dining experience.
  • Customisable. Easily create that eye-catching and unique design with the aid of our experts. It would help if you already have a concept in mind. But if you don’t have a concept just yet, don’t worry. These wooden stands are easily customisable in order to allow you to design them to your exact specifications. In our sample, The Social uses a solid wood with a natural finish. The name is laser engraved with paint filling.
  • Branding. Wooden menu stands imply several things to your customers. It conveys a good message to your loyal patrons. These things represent your brand, your restaurant. You wouldn’t want people tagging your place as “just another restaurant”. Obviously, you want to standout and be different from the rest. So, start the good impression every time the customers choose their orders.
Custom Wooden Menu Stand for Restaurants

Custom Wooden Menu Stand for Restaurants

In the restaurant industry where competition is tight, it helps to evaluate everything. For all we know, even the slightest detail may matter to your customer. Consequently, having your very own set of custom wooden menus will certainly bring a big impact.

Since we have shown you the benefits of these custom wooden stands, we also have great samples for the poster/flyers which are perfect to hang on this stands. Check out some of the edgiest concepts from our creative team, Mindsparkz.

 If you want to explore more menu style options, we have a few samples below.

A great sample for the Kitchen Club’s menu. The stone pattern and colour match the restaurant’s theme perfectly.

If you have a lot on your menu and it needs to be bilingual, then this sample for The London Lounge might be your best pick.

For questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. Here at ODM, we only bring out the best promotional concepts for our clients.