Charging Table Tent Sign: Innovative Advertising Idea for Restaurants

Are you looking for an innovative promotional idea for your restaurants? Then this charging table tent sign will be a great addition to your venue marketing.

Table Tent Sign

Table Tent Sign

Table tents are a self-standing table or counter display, which features a restaurant’s delicious offerings to customers. But this table tent is different from all the others we have seen in restaurants and bars. This one is a POP display and a charger in one! So, if you are a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop owner, here are the reasons to invest in such a promotional display.



  • 10,000 mAh battery capacity and an Output Power of 5V / 2.1A Max
  • two 3 in 1 Retractable cable (Micro USB / Lightning / USB Type C)
  • Both sides can be used for advertisement
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Retractable Cables are compatible with all Android Apple Devices and C-type Devices
  • Compact and space-saving
  • The table tent sign measures 113mm(L) X 92mm(W) X 185mm (H)


Charging Table Tent Sign: Benefits for Venue Marketing

This table tent charger offers numerous advertising benefits for restaurants, bars, and cafes.



This table tent charger provides customers a convenient place to recharge their mobile devices. It is easy to get absorbed in games while waiting for someone at a restaurant. And you know you are doomed when you forget to bring your power bank with you. This is where a table tent charger comes in handy.

Table Tent Sign

Table Tent Sign



The table display is compatible with any device, so anyone can use them with no problem. They come with retractable cables compatible with all Android, Apple, and C-type Devices.


Easy Customization

Both sides can be used for advertising products, menus, announcements, events, and promotions. The display can be changed easily, so this allows owners to customize their display whenever they need to. You only have to replace the advert and you are ready to advertise your new products.

Table Tent Sign

Table Tent Sign



Small and lightweight, it does not take up much table space, and it can be easily moved anywhere around the venue. Useful and eye-catching, it provides portable advertising for restaurants without being pushy.

Table Tent Sign

Table Tent Sign


Promote Your Best Sellers and Boost Sales

Every venue has its own best selling dish or drinks. And what better way to promote them than table tents? This tabletop advertising display with a power bank is an effective way to encourage impulse purchases. While charging their mobile phones, customers might be encouraged to try the items being advertised on the table tent.

Are you promoting an upcoming event? Increase event turnout with a table tent charging display. Customers have more time to spend on your advertisement while seated at the table waiting for their food to arrive. So this means they provide an opportunity to really drive your marketing message home.


Makes Items in the Menu Special

A custom tabletop sign makes the product being advertised look “special”. This is because it highlights the product, what is good about it, and why you should buy it. Sometimes, they are specially curated to stimulate appetite or create urgency (in the case of special events and discounts) and play to our “fear of missing out”.



Where Does ODM Come In?

Do you like this product? Then, contact ODM with product code ODM-3366.

ODM Group is a product sourcing agency based in China and has offices in Hong Kong and Vietnam. We specialize in sourcing, product design, and shipping marketing gifts and POS displays.


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