What makes you want to drink liquor? While most of the sales are done in the bar, people are mostly primed to think about which brand tastes best by other popular advertising media such as TV, billboards, and posters. While at a restaurant or pub, do you notice the menu board and the small tabletop advertising display on the counter and on the table? Don’t they make you feel like buying any of the drinks or food advertised?

When we saw this cute Martini Fierro tabletop advertising display, at a supermarket in Russia, we were immediately drawn to it. Unique and really entertaining, you can even play with it. It rolls but returns to its original position because it has a weight inside.

Tabletop Advertising Display

Tabletop Advertising Display

This is really interesting as this is different from any of the tabletop or countertop displays that we have seen so far. It’s entertaining, engaging, and really impactful.

When it comes to tabletop advertising displays, it is important to make a positive first impression. After all, you do not know when you are going to have the opportunity to advertise to these people again.


Why We Love This Display

Advertising displays such as posters, tent cards, and tabletop displays are extremely important especially if you do not have a POS display shelf dedicated to your products, or if you are promoting in-venue. So you really need to think about the designs, materials, and the message you want to convey. But is this type of display really effective?


1. Novelty

The first thing that caught our attention is the bespoke shape. When it comes to your display, you want to be seen right away. This is especially true when marketing drinks.

We normally see tent cards or small tabletop signs being displayed on restaurant tables and countertops. However, this one is round and moves because of the weight inside. The novelty of the display is, indeed, drawing people’s attention.

Tabletop Advertising Display

Tabletop Advertising Display


2. Entertainment Factor

Shoppers can play with it and since it is made from cardboard, it does not break or gets damaged easily. Check out this video to see how it works.


3. Clear Advertisement

It is very clear what the advertisement is about. So customers who are planning on buying liquor will be encouraged to choose that brand over others. Likewise, those who are not planning on purchasing one might be compelled to try the product being advertised.


Tabletop Advertising Display

Tabletop Advertising Display


Would a Tabletop Advertising Display Work for Your Drinks Promotion?

Considering all the criteria mentioned above, this POP display is a surefire way to attract customers and even passersby. Playing with it also sparks brand engagement. It is fun so people will surely remember it. So how would a tabletop advertising display help your business?


  • Inspire Engagement – Engagement is what we, marketing managers aim for, correct? One of the best ways to inspire engagement is through fun and interactive POS displays. Although our example may not be considered “interactive” in the truest sense of the word, it nevertheless ket people engaged.


  • Drive Message – Tabletop advertising displays are really effective in promoting events such as Oktoberfest, music festivals, as well as charity fundraisers. When drinking and eating with friends, customers are in a relaxed state. Their guards are down. As such, it is easier to slide your marketing message without them realizing it.


  • Design Flexibility: What we like about tabletop advertising displays is that they are available in a wide range of shapes, colors, designs, and even functionalities to augment other promotional materials. Not only are they displayed on tables, but they are also used to promote at counters, cash registers, as well as at trade shows.


  • Simple yet Impactful Medium of Communication: Less is more. This is why tabletop and countertop POS displays are very effective. They communicate your message effectively within a few seconds of seeing the adverts. Moreover, its small size allows marketing managers to show off the selling point of their products without consuming too much floor space and even within a limited marketing budget.


  • Eases Boredom while Promoting: A simple advertisement can also help ease customers’ boredom. While waiting for their drinks, the adverts can be used to educate, advertise and entertain customers.


Where Does ODM Come In?

Do you need help with designing and sourcing tabletop advertising displays and other custom POP displays for your business? If so, then contact ODM today! We can help you brainstorm new concepts and designs that suit your branding requirements.

Our team can also help with marketing gifts, POS displays, and brand packaging design. Our in-house designers at Mindsparkz are also here to walk you through the creative processes behind every effective promotional product for your business!


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