How to Find the Perfect Promotional Product

Promotional product has seen a growing trend in many companies nowadays. They are an indispensable part of any marketing efforts. Companies are now focusing on marketing to individuals with premium giveaways. So, since everyone is going with the marketing trend of promotional products, then how do you find the perfect promotional product to offer your customers? Well, read on more to find out how to choose the perfect promotional product that will represent your business!


Finding the Perfect Promotional Product for your Company

After reading about the benefits of offering promotional product, the next step is to choose what to offer. The following 4 steps can help you to decide on the product to giveaway.


1. Choose a practical product that can be used daily

For the promotional product to reach its maximum utility, it has to be practical, useful and people use it in their daily lives. It has to contain relevant information like your company details and it has to be valuable on its own. For example, Wellcome has given away cooking mittens and cooking cloth during one of their marketing giveaway campaigns. This is a good example as the cooking mittens are useful and practical. Housewives can use the cooking mittens every night when they cook meals. As this product is practical people will use them every day, thereby gaining the brand daily exposure.

Customized Kitchen Equipment by P&G’s gift with purchase

Customized Kitchen Equipment by P&G’s gift with purchase

2. Invest in quality

No one wants a cheap product, not even if it is free. Quality is one of the new key factors to consider when choosing the right promotional gifts. A poor-quality product only puts your organization in a negative light. An example would be Gucci giving away high-end mirror as part of their marketing efforts. This unique and different high-end quality product clearly helps the brand to stand out from other luxury brands.

Gucci offers Limited Edition High End Gift - Flora Mirror

Gucci offers Limited Edition High End Gift – Flora Mirror

3. Consider the residual value

Value is different from price. Consider a promotional item that is placed on the desktop. If the product is unique and special, it will garner interest from people who pass by the desk and attract attention. This increases the value of the product from sharing and liking. The giveaway creates a multiplier effect as people who are interested in the product share it with others.

Darlie Giveaway: Snoopy Lunchbox

Darlie Giveaway: Snoopy Lunchbox

For example, lunch boxes are perfect examples of a high residual value. Kids use them during their lunchtimes and they are placed on the school tables. With your brand name on the school lunch box, they provide a perfect platform for people to share the information of your company and increase the residual value.


4. Know your target audience and their needs

Lastly and most importantly, know your target audience. Is the giveaway for an event, an anniversary for your company, or a giveaway with the existing products? You have to be sure about who is receiving your marketing product. The product would differ for each target audience, be it youths, sports enthusiasts, young and elderly. It is important to know their needs and match that.

Warm Promotionnal Gift

Warm Promotional Gift

Warm gifts are given away during winter season. Aside from mittens, you can also offer earmuffs, jackets, and other items that could help your customers warm up during the cold season.

Winamax's loyalty store rewards the players

Winamax’s loyalty store rewards the players

This example is from Winamax. Sports fans would love to receive a duffle bag as they carry them to the gym or sports venue to play sports.

If your target market is healthcare workers, then you might offer them some protective equipment such as custom face masks, or gifts that would help them relax a long day at work such as scented candles, promotional stress relievers.

Are you marketing to kids? Then, some educational toys, and fun activity sets would be ideal for them. Do check this blog out for more kids promotional ideas:


Importance of Promotional Products

  • They Serve as a Business Card– With your logo and contact info printed on the gifts, they are a fantastic way to gain new leads. This is why you should always have a promotional product handy during trade shows and exhibits.


  • Low-Cost but Long-Lasting Branding– People are likely to hold onto promotional products for many years, thus ensuring repeat and prolonged exposure. You may lose a business card, or forget a TV commercial, but you probably remember the company being advertised in your coffee mug.


  • Word of Mouth Marketing– People tend to trust the recommendations of their friends. So make your customers talk about your brand by offering them free products that would not only delight but will be useful in their everyday lives.


  • Build Relationships– The main goal is to build lasting relationships and partnerships. Offering useful gifts can definitely be used to express your appreciation toward your customers. They also allow brands to tell their stories in a compelling and engaging way.


Contact ODM

There is no limit to promotional products. They are definitely something you should consider about. At ODM, we customize the products to suit your needs specifically. Do not hesitate to contact    ODM to get more information. We can start brainstorming interesting ideas for you today!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you choose the best promotional product for your company?

1. Choose a practical product that can be used daily 2. Invest in quality 3. Consider the residual value 4. Know your target audience and their needs

Why should you offer promotional products?

Offering promotional gifts is a surefire way to get your brand into the hands of your customers/clients. It plays a vital role in customer retention and brand loyalty. With your brand name printed on the product, it also serves as a business card. However, unlike business cards, they are more durable, long-lasting, and hard to lose.

What are the best promotional products to offer your customers?

Pens top the list of the most widely used promotional items. They are handy and brandable. Wearable merchandise such as caps and t-shirts are also excellent choices as they transform the wearer into an instant brand ambassador. Bags and mugs are also brand managers' favorites because aside from being very practical, they also double your brand exposure every time they are being used and shared.


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