Are you struggling to come up with inventive, fun, and educational promo items for kids? Worry not, we’ve got you covered!

Kids are visual and tactile learners. They like art and creating. Visual and tactile learners immediately get the idea of things by seeing and touching them. Educational toys and learning materials will probably help them to discover and develop their potentials. It can develop the mental and physical attributes of the kids. Thus, creating promo items for kids is probably a good way to promote your brand.

There are a variety of toys available in the market. Hence, it is a must for customers, especially parents and guardians, to choose the best item for their kids. Sometimes it becomes the root of kid’s brutality, arrogance, and misconduct. Somehow, some of these toys give enjoyment to kids, yet the effects they have on their minds could also lead to uncontrollable behavior. The existence of different educational toys and learning materials helps develop children’s intelligence and understanding at their young age.

promo items for kids

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, here are some of the benefits that kids may get from playing with fun and educational toys.


8 Benefits of Playing Educational Toys and Learning Materials Among Kids

1. Learn problem-solving skills.

Kids start to develop hand-eye coordination from 0-12 months old. In this stage of their life, parents or guardians may start introducing portable toys to them to enhance their visual senses. Kids on this stage become more active. Giving them problem-solving toys like stackers or blocks can stimulate their thinking skills. One of the key roles of educational toys is to challenge the minds of children. Toys like these help kids act through conflicts. They tend to become familiar with the cause and effect ideas. They will also begin to become more confident to solve problems on their own.


2. Develop kids’ mobility.

Children start to do big movements when they reach the age of 1 year onwards.  They have to strengthen their muscles and bodies as preparation for exploring their environment. They love to stride and ride toys and push cars. These activities may help them learn balance and body coordination. While they are starting to walk, you may also start to help them become familiar with numbers and colors. Allowing them to use ride-on toys can help build their skills in following directions. Teaching them how to ride a bicycle promotes more physical activities. These simple things that they may do out of their toys will help them build their physical strengths.


3. Enhance curiosity and creativity.

Being curious is an innate thing about kids. They are curious about how things work. Thus, they explore things just to find answers and feed their curiosity. Educational promo items for kids found in the stores are the best alternatives for the kids to imagine, explore, and experiment with things. Colorful tangible toys may use to develop the cognitive skills of kids even at their young age.


4. Relieve stress.

Kids probably stressed out also in their studies. It may sometimes result in uncontrollable tantrums. Giving them to take a break from school works and offering them other things to do will help. Educational toys could be a good way to still administer learning among kids. Parents must give attention not just to the cognitive aspects of their kids but also to their emotional health.


5. Promote emotional and social development.

Being able to connect with others is definitely the first skill developed among kids. They learn to develop and practice this skill as they grow older. Allowing them to play with educational toys and learning material will help them develop it even more.  Most of the educational toys in the market are designed for collaborative work. Some of the examples are board games. Playing such games require kids to communicate with their playmates. Kids are required to play and socialize with other kids in order to build connections with others. While interacting, kids will definitely experience various emotions such as happiness and anger. In such ways, they will start to learn how to adapt and handle different emotions.


6. Build independence and positive self-esteem.

Kids should learn to value themselves. Allowing them to experience success and failures will help them develop as independent individuals.  Educational toys such as puzzles and construction toys can help them be motivated to accomplish things. It allows them to strive more and do things on their own. Kids also appreciate praises for a well-done job. It gives them a reason to work harder and appreciate their efforts.

promo items for kids

7. Improve focus.

Kids only have a limited concentration span. They can be easily distracted and uninterested in things and people around them. These are some of the reasons why toys and tools are created with fancy colors and attractive styles. Innovations in toys and other learning materials help to increase kids’ focus and interest in learning. Using these, they tend to learn new skills and enjoy them at the same time.


8. Limit screen time.

Nowadays, kids can learn to use mobile devices even at a very young age. Gadgets can educate them, yet it may also affect their health. Allowing kids to play with educational toys could be a great alternative activity to distance their eyes from gadgets. Playing educational toys is much healthier and beneficial for kids rather than spending time playing online games.


5 Fun and Educational Promo Items for Kids

Rubik’s Cube

This item may come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Rubik’s cube helps to enhance kid’s cognitive skills. It can also be customized according to your kid’s choice.

promo items for kids

Toy Trucks and Cars

Kids can learn science terms and ideas even at their early age while playing with their car toys. The unintentional discovery of trajectory, speed, velocity, and acceleration among kids can be instilled in their minds until they become adults. Moreover, these custom truck models may come in a variety of sizes and models.

promo items for kids

Promo Items for Kids

When it comes to customization, you may have your brand name printed on the body of the trucks. As a promotional product, shipping companies and petrol stations can use them as collectible promo items that kids and adults alike will love.

Promo Items for Kids

Promo Items for Kids


Fruits and Vegetable Replicas

These educational toys are simple replications of real fruits and vegetables. These may use to promote healthy eating habits for kids. Such items can be made out of plastic or rubber materials. Remember to be smart in purchasing toys for your kids. Make sure that it is made from non-toxic materials to keep them safe.

promo items for kidsa

Cute and Fancy Tumbler

Fancy tumblers can help in the transitioning period of your kids. The stage where they have to learn how to use cups or glasses instead of their feeding bottle is really a big deal where kids have to undergo. In this period, the parent must know how to guide their kids well.

Promo Items for Kids

Promo Items for Kids

These fancy tumblers can help encourage kids to start learning to use cups and glasses instead of the feeding bottle they are using before. Moreso, tumblers can also be customized according to what kids want.

Promo Items for Kids

Promo Items for Kids

Customizing tumblers can make it more appealing for kids. This particular example comes in a Christmassy theme so this one makes great marketing gifts for brands that cater to kids.


5. Custom Toy Fan

Cool down with these mini fans in quirky shapes. Their vibrant colors and fun shapes will no doubt keep them engaged. As a marketing tool, they can be offered as a gift with purchase together with other summer promotional items. What we like with this particular fan is that it also doubles as a bubble blower. Its 2-in-1 functionality will certainly get kids and parents interested in what you have to offer as a brand.

Promo Items for Kids

Promo Items for Kids

Brands can get creative with the designs, shapes and colors. And to further gain traction, do consider co-branding or brand licensing. With brand licensing, companies can use popular characters to target a specific age or market segment. As a result, both the company and the licensee gain a wider market base.

Promo Items for Kids

Promo Items for Kids


Toys were made for fun and games. Thus, making playing a part of kids’ learning can be both fun and beneficial. Facilitating education in an enjoyable manner can ensure retention of the things learned and to have a positive view towards learning. Kids who play with the right toys tend to develop better. However, parents must also be observant of the choices available in the market. Innovating toys to serve the purpose of educating kids is something that is really commendable about toy manufacturers. Yet, today’s online games trend is the big challenge that they are facing now.

So, if you are a company whose target audience is kids, then why don’t you incorporate these promotional product ideas into your marketing mix? With shoppers becoming more purpose-driven in their purchases, you should always add value to your brand. And offering customers something that has a positive impact on the young is one way to do so.


How can ODM help?

ODM offers a wide variety of services in product upgrades and promotions. Should you like this idea, send us an email and quote product code ODM-3414 for puzzles and brain teasers, ODM-3378 for toy trucks, and ODM-3392 for mini fan toys.

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