Employee Appreciation Idea #8 – Custom Wine Cork Holder

In this blog, we would like to introduce yet another employee appreciation idea, a custom wine cork holder. Like all other liquor marketing tools, we believe that this unique wine cork holder would be a great addition to the kitchen, bar, restaurant, and even in the office, bringing many extra conveniences with it. 


What is a Wine Cork Holder? 

As the name suggests, a wine cork holder is used to store wine corks of finished wine bottles. Have you ever savored a bottle of wine and never wanted it to end? Now, you have this custom wine cork holder to store all the wine corks of your precious bottles of wine. 

custom wine cork holder

Custom wine cork holder

Many people collect used cork stoppers. They can be recycled and turned into excellent home decors such as bar stools, frames, and other trinkets like keychains, and board game pieces. There are many styles and designs to choose from, but we particularly like these wall-mounted wine cork holders because they are space-saving, sleek, and add visual appeal to your living space.

Custom wine cork holder

Custom wine cork holder

This is ideal for bar owners and wine connoisseurs who would want to have a place to store and beautifully display all their used corks. So, you see it does two things: keep the counter or kitchen clutter-free and beautify unused spaces around the home and shop.


Why choose a custom wine cork holder?

Wine cork holders are premium gifts that you can offer your guests, customers, and even business partners. Custom wine cork holders have a greater value as opposed to normal wine cork holders as they are customised to suit your brand image. These wine cork holders can be customised so that companies can place their brand logo, brand name or colours that best represent their brand. 

Custom wine cork holder

Custom wine cork holder

What do We Love About this Custom Wine Cork Holder? 

This custom wine cork holder has an extremely exquisite design with jewels around the cork holder. It is made of metal and has an extremely sturdy structure. It also comes in 3 different shapes, a wine glass, alcohol barrel, and wine bottle. The cork holder can also be placed on any surface or even be mounted on the wall. Now, you do not have to worry about the cork holder taking up additional space. Furthermore, you can hold many different wine corks in the holder. Thus, you can hold many of your precious moments. 

Custom wine cork holder

Custom wine cork holder

We have written on a similar product like this in the past. Here is a custom wine bottle holder that has the ability to hold a bottle of wine as well as wine cork holders. Let us share more about the custom wine bottle holder. 

Unlike the custom wine cork holder, the custom wine bottle holder can also hold a bottle of wine as well as cork stoppers. It comes in different shapes and structures with some coming in the shape of different alphabets and some coming in different animal characters such as a reindeer. Customise this wine bottle holder in any shape for any occasion. Contact our staff with the product code ODM- 2727 to find out more about this product. 

You can also check out this interesting wine cork holder USB which would definitely be well-loved by wine lovers. Contact our staff with the prodcuct code ODM-960 for more information on this wine cork USB.



We believe that custom wine cork holders like these would be great marketing gifts that one can offer for alcohol marketing. They are sleek gifts that would definitely be loved by wine lovers. In addition, these would be great employee appreciation gifts and anyone who receives this would definitely appreciate wine a lot more than in the past.

With these cork holders placed at home, it could also spark brand loyalty and remind your employees how much you appreciate them.

You can check out other wine gifts that would complement wine well too such as this wine accessory set.

How can The ODM Group help?

ODM is an experienced promotional products agency that has worked with many brands worldwide. We provide a variety of services such as in the design and manufacture of custom promotional merchandise for the drinks industry. So let us know if you are interested in customizing these unique drinks promotional products by sending us an email quoting product code ODM-3491. Otherwise, you can also view other case studies we have written in the past.

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