Wine is essential for most events, so go the extra step and throw in a gift to make your customers feel extra special. For beverage companies, exclusive wine promotions are a perfect way to pitch your products and grab the right clientele. Some examples of wine marketing promotional products include a bottle opener, a wine glass holder lanyard or get a little seasonal and make a themed wine sleeve. This blog will cover a range of branded wine gifts to help find the best product for your brand! 

Types of Branded Wine Gifts:

  • Champagne Stoppers – These classy wine gifts are a great choice for the champagne lovers! There are a range of colours to choose from, along with being plated. Brands can easily engrave their designs or logo on the product.



  • Vacuum Stopper and Pump Set – This custom wine set is a popular choice due to the variety of products and high perceived value. The vacuum function stops oxygen from entering the bottle. The level of concealment can be changed according to how much the vacuum stopper is pumped. These pieces can be customised too.



  • Wine Aerator Pourer – Aerators have been growing in demand over the years as they are quite effective and preserve wine for longer. This custom wine aerator adds a little chicness to the wine. It can either be used by itself or supported by a  stand.



  • Wine Chiller Cubes – These wine chillers resemble ice cubes but are reusable and come in different shapes. These artful branded wine gifts are perfect to start a conversation or catch your customer’s interest. They are available in packs of different sizes. The chillers need to be frozen for a few hours and then put into a glass of wine. Here’s a unique design of bullet shaped chillers with custom packaging.




Some Electric Branded Wine Gifts:

  • Electric Wine Cork Bottle Opener – This branded wine opener is easy to use and pleasant to watch as it meticulously removes the cork with precision. The colour for this product can be customised as the entire golden section can be designed with your brand’s logo. For more inspiration on bottle openers, here’s a 3-in-1 promotional bottle opener and credit card bottle opener.


  • Electric Pourer – Electric wine products are trending more recently, they are quick and efficient. This product only needs to be charged for 1 hour 30 minutes and can pour 20 bottles in one lifespan.  It also works as an aerator giving it multi-functions.


Hopefully these branded wine gifts appealed to your brand or gave some ideas of the type of product you would like. Packaging is also available for all of these products. Wine merch design can also be offered at a small extra cost, customised to the shape of your promotional product.

Which product stood out the most? What type of customisation would you do? Which colours will appeal to your customers? Our design team Mindsparkz can help you if any ideas are needed. If you are interested in any of these items, please quote the product codes when contacting us!

  • Champagne Stoppers – 2796
  • Vacuum Stopper and Pump Set – 2797
  • Wine Aerator Pourer – 2795
  • Electric Wine Cork Bottle Opener – 2798
  • Wine Chiller Cubes – 2794
  • Electric Pourer – 2799

August 3 is White Wine Day and August 18 is Pinot Noir Day! Let’s toast to some wine marketing gift ideas to celebrate this day!Branded Wine Gifts

White Wine Day

Branded Wine Gifts

Pinot Noir Day

Other Gift Ideas:

These Foldable Wine Glasses makes interesting wine gift with purchases.

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