Are your arms sore from carrying all those bottles around? Look no further! This Custom Wine Trolley Bag offers a very unique solution for Brand Exposure. Rest your weary limbs and let this Custom Wine Trolley do the hard work. This bag would be ideal to offer at airports, considering the fact that many people buy spirits and wine in Duty Free shops, or to offer as a corporate gift to employees.

Custom Wine Trolley for Brand Exposure

Custom Wine Trolley for Brand Exposure

This custom wine trolley comes with six compartments, to hold wine bottles, beer bottles or water bottles. They’re highly customisable when it comes to colour, design and branding. The front pocket is optional, and the trolley bag can be produced without it. The bag itself can be detached from the trolley, making it a normal bag. The trolley bag has a retractable handle, so when the trolley is used as a shoulder bag, the handle can be put back into the bag.

Why do we like this Custom Wine Trolley for Brand Exposure?

  • Finer brand rememberance: This is a very unique item. If a company would use this to promote their brand, customers will surely remember this unusual product better than just any product. When they go shopping for wine, they might bring this trolley with them, subconciously promoting the brand.
  • Attracts customers: When browsing the aisle for a nice bottle of wine for that Saturday night dinner you are planning, there’s so much to choose from. White wine or red wine, sweet or dry, Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc, it won’t matter if your brand is popping out from the aisle with an innovative product such as this Custom Wine Trolley. After they choose a few bottles, they can then easily and comfortably take their purchases home in this trolley bag.
  • Design appeal: As stated above, the design options for this Custom Wine Trolley are endless. It can be made to perfectly suit the image of your brand, and make it appealing for any customer. This makes it a very flexible product with many options and potential.

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