This bubbly custom wine set excites shoppers. It includes a bottle of Canti Prosecco, a flute wine glass, and yes, you heard it right, prosecco scented bath foam. Enclosed in a funky spotted box, the presentation of this wine set is immaculate. This on pack offer is a great marketing tool for company’s looking to drive sales further.


Enjoying a glass of wine can be associated with fun and letting loose. The bath foam heightens these feelings by adding a sense of relaxation to the pack. All elements complement each other and are practical items.


Custom Wine Set

Custom Wine Set


Why We Like This Custom Wine Set

Catchphrase: The great use of the catchphrase ‘Be with you in a Prosecco’ invites customers to indulge quietly in a glass of prosecco. It is an enjoyable beverage. A captivating caption, as well as an overall temping product is memorable to any customer.


Cost-efficient: The wine set is great value for money. You receive three equally amazing products for a low price. The wine glass is reusable which increases the value.


Colour: The background colour inside the box matches the label colour used by Canti on all products. It creates coordination and a visually appealing finish. The black and white on the outside of the packaging creates more of a professional vibe and makes sure the combo set is not childish.


Gift Idea: This combo wine set is a great gift idea for any event. This custom wine set is a show-stopper for anything from a birthday, house warming, or seasonal gift. Promotional gift sets are a smart tool for increasing company sales.


Custom Wine Set

Custom Wine Set


Custom Packaging Allows You To…

Personalise: Custom packaging can send a message to customers about the brand and the custom promotional product being sold. It sends a strong brand vision. This fun-loving box set doesn’t shy away from being noticeable and dramatic.


Stay Relevant: The packaging for Canti’s custom wine set is reflective of the product. The spots act as bubbles, clearly representing jargon terms such as having a glass of ‘bubbly’. This premium packaging is dazzling and suitable.


Be Clear: Literally! The products included in package are written plain and clear. The clear plastic window also allows customers to visualise the products in their own home. Can you imagine relaxing in your prosecco scented bath, drinking a glass of wine? This combo set will completely entice every customer that sees it.


For all custom packaging queries, contact the ODM group for friendly and insightful staff. We can help you with premium custom packaging for your product of choice. We believe custom packaging design is a great way to make your products exciting. Please click on this link to our Product Design & Packaging page to find our more about what services we offer.


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